can anyone give me advice please in the last 25 weeks iv been sent to hospital for sickness and kept in 2 times on drips for 3 days each time and have been given tablets but its a hit and miss, 3 weeks ago doc changed my tablets and seem to be working better image

hi all im 25 weeks today and I have spoken to my midwife who is a joke and doctor who is even more of one, this is my problem before I was pregnant my weight was between 9'5 and 10 stone when I went to my midwife 1st time I was only bout 7 weeks and I was 9'7, I did my weight at 20 weeks just to check and I was roughly 9 just under and again at 25 im still 9 the doc looked about 3 weeks ago and I was 9 im a bit scared as people are saying im small for 25 weeks


  • Have they measured your fundal height yet? 

  • my last scan was 21 weeks and he said everything was fine :-/ x


  • As long as ur measuring fine I wouldn't worry too much. When they measure ur bump it should correspond with how far along u r but they class it as normal for u to b 3cm either side (I'm always a cm below my week so when I c mw at 34+4 I expect I'll b 33 or 34cm) I was huge with my first n she was 7lb 2 but fit in to prem baby clothes. I'm a lot smaller with this one so think I'm having another tiddler but knowing my luck it'll b a 12lber lol x

  • thanks hun feel better now I just felt like they didn't care x

  • Yeah know what u mean. I'm supposedly high risk due to cervical surgery I had done in 2012 and I've seen the midwife a grand total of 3 times in just over 34 weeks lol. Not been measured, not been weighed, she was breech at 30 weeks and no one gives a shit x

  • They are all jokes hun sorry to hear what you went through image. I ended up going in and told one of the midwifes at the hospital how I was feeling and she was great she booked me in to see a consultant who booked me in for a growth scan as I am 58.4 was 60.00kg when I 1st seen them at roughly 7 weeks im now 28+5days, still haven't got much of a bump they measured me and was coming out at 25 weeks so they said they want me to have growth scans every 2 weeks and a scan every 2 weeks to make sure he is ok. Last week they found his heart skips a beat they said its ok but still just sat and cried as the week before that is when I found out he was measuring small and the consultant said its lucky I was seen there and then and that they are going to keep an eye on me and him, and if on the next scan (in 2 days) he hasn't grown they want to give me injections and have a talk bout inducing me early as he may cope better on the outside then in it just broke me but then got a little angry as they new I was really ill been in hospital two times on drips due to how sick with morning sickness I was im still on tablets now and all they said it doesn't matter about me its about him I always been told to look after myself 1st as he is living of me but guess they got that wrong lol x

  • At least they know now chick and are going to keep an eye on u both. Just try and eat well if and when u can. I am still breech the idiots scanned me n said they'd turn her yesterday, got my hopes up, filled in paperwork booked an app even got melds to take before they turned her, then said actually we better double check, rescanned me and said no sorry her feet are below her bum so gotta have a c sec. I'm having her next thurs by c-section and dreading the op. I sobbed for an hour in their office! Good luck with the scans hope all goes well x

  • awww no image they don't seem to know what they are talking about most of the time and pass you around for it to be nothing in the end which the 1st person could of told you image fingers crossed all goes to plan for you hun then can enjoy your new baby xxx

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