helpppp :/

I took three tests one came out super negative. Btt the other two same brand showed a very very faint line. Could it be that im pregnant ? Im pratically 15 days late. Or am i just seeing things ?


  • You're pregnant my love 

    The first test I took had a faint line a week later the lines was dark as day. 

    If yourstill not sure wait a few days and take it again or go doctors but 15 days is a good sign ....

    Congrats xx

  • U think so . ? Im still in shock. I dont know lol. I wanna show a pic of the tests btt im new and dnt know how to post a pic.
  • Yh im also new so I cant help u but yh sounds promising.  Im still in shock and im 6 weeks it will all feel real after my first scan. Was the baby planned

  • Hopefully ima go to the docs tomorrow to be sure. The first one which was yesterday was very very very faint. Btt todays is a lol more noticeable . Not planned btt we both are looking forward to having a baby. Was yours planned ?
  • Yep. Were over the moon. Just want the scan to make it feel real... althought the morning sickness is making it feel very real. image

  • Did you find out hunny x
  • Nooo havent gone to the docs

    But I didnt get my rag for december.

    My boobs extremely hurt ! And everything i eat i burb and makes me nauseous :/ ughhhhh.
  • Sounds like you are hun image

    It could be it was too early for you to test and then the faint line just managed to get some of the hormones. Im 20 weeks today and when i took my first pregnancy test the line was faint but deffo there.

    Take another test in a week and that line will show up dark! image xx
  • I went to the docs and their test came back negative.

    I told her abt the faint positives and didnt seemed likee she cared.

    Btt then how does she explain the veins that are showing on my boobs.

    They hurt soooo much !

    And she said she couldnt she said to go back in two weeks.

    And ive noticed toothpaste makes me nauseous ! All these wat are making me crazy -_-

    Congratss image
  • I hate doctors like that! Did you show her the positive tests? Just keep taking cheap ones every other day and i bet that line gets darker x
  • Good luck chick keep poas!!

  • My friend had the faintest line ever she done her test in a puplic loo n we asked a random lady if she could see it to coz we though we were seein things the lady said umm not sure but she thinks she could make it out! My friend now has a beautiful 16 month old little boy! Remeber u cant get a false possitive u can only get a false negitive!! Sounds to me like ur goin to be a mummy!!! Congrats!!! Xx
  • Thank you.

    Same thing happened to me i didnt knowbif it was a line or not till i ask my nf amd he seen it too!

    Ive been reading that evaps are only shadows and cant turn pink.

    Btt these two tests are pink ! I also did a clear blue and it was very very faint.

    I hatee how i cant get a real dark positive line :/
  • You will in a weeks time, thats what mine was like when i first found out and week later was really dark. Have you used the clear blue that says pregnant or not pregnant?x
  • No not yet. I have an extra clear blue but I'm waiting to use it in a week to see what the response is.

    Weird thing is I have cramps btt they come and go they aren't my regular cramps.
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