Hernia and swollen bits :-(

Hi just wondered if anyone else is as unfortunate as me to be suffering with a hernia in their groin and a swollen labia because of the hernia? Mine affects the right side only. I've had it checked out several times as they thought it was a cyst at first but my consultant confirmed it's actually a hernia which is apparently very common in pregnancy. I've had it for about 2 months now It's really painful and has got bigger since my bump has expanded, he says they won't do anything about it as long as I can cope with the pain until after the baby is born, also to see if it goes on its own. I'm a bit miffed as had to have antibiotics for 2 wks as they thought it was a cyst but now know its a hernia, just been so worried about having to take medicines whilst pregnant. 

Just wondered what anyones experiences of having one are and if it affected them delivering their baby? Did the pushing make it worse? Did it go away on its own afterwards as the pressure is gone or did you need an op to put it back in?

Thanks, any advice appreciated although part of me is really scared to know but figure it's better to be prepared. I'm going to ask my consultant about it again on Friday but would really like to hear from other mums who have actually experienced having one xxx


  • So sorry I can't offer any advice but sending hugs, sounds horrible xx

  • Im the same as LH. I cant give any advice but I hope you get some soon and feel better soon too! xx

  • Hello

    I have a small hernia on my right which at times i think does cause aches. I also had a cyst on my left side. Cyst has now gone in its own. They said i didnt need antibiotics.

    When i had my 12 week scan as as i had a early one at 6 weeks i was hoping it had gone but was still there apart from the cyst. Ive just had my 20 week scan and forgot to mention it to the woman and ask for her to look even though she has my notes she still didnt check her self!

    So i dunno if its still there or gone

    Ive been told there common and will go on there own. There not dangerous. Well midwife and hospital said not but my useless doctor said they are! Im hoping it will go soon if already hasnt as not looking forward to it when baby grows bigger and kicks it or leans on it!xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and will be asking lots of questions about it when I see my consultant this Friday.  Good luck Haleigh as mine hurts a lot especially since I got bigger xxx




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