Baby still breech :(

Just been to see midwife and at 34+4 baby is still breech image gotta go back in 15 days at 36+5 to see if she's turned yet. Really don't want a c section, with a 4 year old and oh having to go back to work after 2 weeks paternity leave working 100 miles away it's not ideal at all :/ any success stories of babies turning late in pregnancy? X


  • Aww LH, fingers crossed she'll have turned by the time you go back xxx my other half only gets 2 weeks paternity leave too but I've persuaded him to have an extra 2 weeks on top so a month altogether as figure both me and baby will need him and it'll be good for all of us xxx try and bend him your other half If you can! Good luck xxx 

  • Its difficult for him to get time off but if he needs it then he'll have to take it even if he has to take it unpaid. I'm doing everything I can to get her to turn but she really seems to like where she's got settled lol which at the mo is arse down sideways xx

  • LH, keeping fx baby turns. With dd they told me she waa breech as 32 weeks and I tried every possible suggestion to get her to turn but she would not budge. I had to have the ecv and they tried twice and she just kept pinginy back. 3rd time they gave me the steroid to relax the uterus and she turned straight away. That was at 38+5. She was then 6 days late and came pretty quickly!

    Fx x
  • That gives me a bit of hope image I'll try the ecv if they offer it, anything to avoid a c sec, I think I'd just feel really disappointed with myself if I couldn't do it naturally like I did before. I'll keep u all posted, she seems to b wriggling a lot more since I've had my arse up in the air lol and she seems vertical now rather than horizontal so maybe I can get her to budge gradually! X

  • Aww, this pregnancy lark is all fun and games eh! Yes know what you mean about oh taking the time off, mine doesn't really want to ask his boss for the extra 2 weeks as he's a grumpy sod and it'll be unpaid but I've told him we'll need him so he's gonna ask next week. I'm hoping his boss can't say no to the request as it's unpaid but we'll see xxx

    fx for your little girl to turn, sounds like you're getting somewhere with your bum in the air lol image xxx

  • Just hope Ian doesn't catch me at it and think his lucks in ha ha. Cuz he can damn well stay away lol x

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