Might be pregnant or just Skipped Period?

Ok so I posted on here before thinking that i might be pregnant. Had syptoms like crazy right before thanksgiving had 4 days of light very light bleed and no more symptoms so I assumed this was my period just light because of coming off of BC Pills. 

Now it has been 38 alsmost 39 days since the first day of the light period and I have not had a period but I am not having any symptoms. I am not stressed about anything or stressing about this so not sure why my period is late and or just skipped. I am considering talking to my doctor to see if there is something I can do to try to regulate my period not that I am coming off of birthcontrol. 

I had unprotected sex on December 5th so that is why I am considering i might be pregnant. But I am not sure i have a 28 day cycle or not. I also had Unprotected sex on Dec 24th. 


  • Just took a clear blue pregnancy test digital and it said not pregnant. I am on day 41, Not sure wether I should just wait this out or call my doctor... 

  • Any advice?
  • Buy a few cheap stick tests and take one every couple days if you still havent came on x
  • I still haven't but I tested this morning with fmu and it said not pregnant. I'm going to call my gyn by 21 if still nothing. Maybe he needs to give me some meds to bring on af.
  • Some pregnancy tests for a strange reason dont work with some women. They go to the doctors and have a blood test which gives them the positive. Maybe try that?x
  • Yes blood test might be in order. I'm going to just wait a until April. Mid April would be 6 months since I stopped birth control. So now I am just going to relax and wait see what happens.
  • Your going to wait till april to do what?x
  • I'm going to wait until later then to bother trying to see a doctor if I'm still getting negative hpt. If I take one next week and it turns up positive I'll see him sooner but doesn't make sense to make a fuss of it when it's probably just my body trying to regulate.
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