EPAU Scan :-)

So today we had our EPAU scan after some bleeding. I got my BFP on 3 Dec with a clear blue digi that said I was 1-2 weeks. I was given the date of 7+2 with my last period date (10 Nov which was first "period" after coming off the pill on 14 Oct). I believed I conceived around 19 Nov. They dated me today at 8+4 which means I conceived around 3 Nov before my "period". Is the date they have given me likely to be right? The baby measured 19.4mm.

We were so relieved to see its tiny heart beating fast and the sonographer said everything looked good and healthy! image


  • Awwww congrats. They dated me at 8+5 due February 10th and baby was 20mm so sounds right but at my 12 week scan I was 3 days further along. With my first my date changed at 12 and 20 week scan and she came 10 days early anyway. Whichever date they give u at 12 week scan will b the date they use for the rest of ur pregnancy as they don't change ur due date at the 20 week scan anymore (well LRI don't now anyway) x

  • I keep looking at my scan photo and grinning like the Cheshire cat! I keep thinking of it's little heart beating so fast and I get this warm happy feeling image

  • Aww congratulations! It's surreal isn't it, I still look at my scan photos even though I've got a little wriggler inside me who likes to stick out various body parts out of my tummy lol! Your 12 week scan will give you more confirmation but like LH said, it might move again. Sounds quite accurate as i was less weeks than you and our little bean at the time only measured 9mm xxx

    Aww enjoy and look after yourself xxx

  • Ahhh im pleased for you image

    Ive had 3 scans in total so far, first was at 6 weeks and she was just like a little blob with a heartbeat and i was the same couldnt stop looking at the pic image you will be so amazed at your 12 week scan to see how much they have grown and look like a baby image i could watch her on the scan all day xx
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