Scans can any one help please


any help/info would be highly apriciated.

i found out I wa pregnant on the 5th dec but I don't have regular periods infact I rarely have any iv had 3 in the whole of 2013, since maybe July iv been having various test at the hospital, iv seen my midwife but due to no periods we don't have anything to go of as to how far, I think I'm about 8 weeks and I'm in for a dating scan on wed I just wondered if I'm less than 12 weeks which I think iam, will I still have a 12 week scan ?

thanks for any responses x 


  • Hi SB, I had a dating scan with my dd which turned out to be around 9 weeks, & had to go back for a 12 week scan as the hospital were unable to get all of the measurements etc that they needed. That was like 5 years ago though, though I think it depends how close you are to 12 weeks. x x

  • I think dating has to be done during a certain time like 11+4 to 14 weeks or something due to the nuchal fold checks baby has to be a certain size so you will deffo get a 12 week scan if you go in and they say ur 8 weeks. I had to have an early scan I was 8+5 they had to do it internally and it didn't even look like a baby so there's no way they could have got measurements x oh and congrats image x

  • I found out I was expecting on 3 Dec. I had an early scan at 7weeks 2 days (7 + 2) based on my last period. I was forewarned by my MW that if they dated me, I might not get a 12 week dating scan. I was dated at 8 + 4 and told that I wouldn't get another dating scan at 12 weeks as I had been dated. I am having the nuchal translucency scan (to detect Downs) though which needs to be done between 11 and 14 weeks.

    I only had 1 "period" after coming off the pill which I now think was an implant bleed/spotting as it was 7 days after I conceived. 

    Hope that helps xx

  • Hi thankyou for you replies,

    i had a early scan  just before Xmas couldn't see nothing but did detect a heart beat but they didn'mention how far i was due to seeing something that looked like a blob lol but cos of the heart beat I must have been like 5/6 weeks.


    supastar- thanks for ur reply image I had the same 6 year ago with my eldest had a scan around 9 weeks n went back for other measurements but a lot has changed since then lol hopefully this hasn't.


    LH- thanks for ur reply I think your right about it being done at a certain time think it depends if they can get all there measurements dome as well hopefully il have anouther at 12 weeks, 8 - 20 weeks Is a long time ill go mad lol. see u haven't got long bet you can't wait now.

    Mrsw- thanks this helps Hun, Im wondering if hospitals are all different, bit rubbish they wouldn't give you anouther scan at 12 weeks did u see much at ur scan at 8weeks?


    thanks again ladies x


  • Hi ladies been for scan I'm 8+5 so have been booked in for 12 week scan as well which I'm happy about .

    hope all is ok with you all



  • Brilliant congrats x

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