cervix scan

hi peeps

i know a few of you have had lletz in the past and my mw told me i need to see a consultant because of that and because my last baby was brow presenting and none of my babys have made there due date oh and my dh has something called allports in his family!!

any way back to scan!! how many weeks were you when they did this?? just got a app and ill be over 26 weeks by the time i see them. seems late for the scan??


  • Hey hun I had this due to loop diathermy, they did swabs at 17 weeks, scan and swabs at 20 then more swabs and a final scan at 30 weeks. Said my cervix was long enough so didn't need to go back otherwise they would have done more x

  • have had no swaps mmm might call the 12 year old that is my midwife and see what she says


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