Hi I had a nightmare first labour and have been told about hypnobirthing by my midwife. It sounds great but I'm keen to hear about real experiences from real people before committing. Has anyone got any advice or experiences you wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks xx


  • Hi hun , no previous experience of it but have had friends try it with good results , have got my cds ready , will give them a listen when have a quiet moment , was saying to dh I might have an epidural this time , have experienced the pain of natural birth 3 times , after Lily I said - "thank goodness I will never have to go through that again " but you forget , and while I wouldn't really choose an  an epidural I would  like to try n lessen the pain if I can , n have heard hypnobirthing can do just that , willing to give it a try anyway , will you go to classes or use a cd / dvd ? good luck hun x x

  • Hi

    I'm looking at classes because my labour was so traumatic last time.

    The only hang up is its likely I will need a section so it might be a waste of money. But then again it's supposed to help you feel in control no matter what. I've made a few enquiries so will see what the response is.

    If I can I want to try labour again and feel prepared to be positive and confident.

    I heard good things about the CDs. Think you just have to practice. Best of luck to you xx
  • Hi

    I just had a quick call with the therapist who is also a midwife wih 12 years experience which is a great combination.

    She was friendly and very honest. She was able to give advice on the midwifery side of my sous toon too so it's awesome because she will always be able to marry the two together and she is approaching it from a scientific and physiological perspective which makes it feel more concrete.

    She has said I should discuss with my consultants and perhaps read a book she has recommended and then I can come back to book the course if I wish.

    I think it's so reassuring speaking to her and she wod be very helpful in allaying some of my fears. At least this way I can try reading the book to see if it is clicking with me and then we can go from there.

    She did say the book is better than doing nothing but you really need to see a practitioner if possible to get the full effect. And lots of practice too.

    I feel like I have options open which is great. That's all I really wanted.

    I have read a lot about hypnobirthing this week and the comments are all very positive especially from those who attend the courses. I think it has to be worth the investment for the difference it seems to make.

    To feel more in control, confident in your body and calm has got to be a plus.

    I'm off to order the book now. For anyone interested it's 'hyonobirthing' by Marie Mongan. The one called 'the breakthrough to safer, easier, more comfortable childbirth'

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