Cramping and bleeding early pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant on December 15th and was confirmed by the doctors the next day. I started spotting on Saturday January 4th around noon.I knew that spotting is normal this early in pregnancy, but knew to keep an eye on it in case it got worse. After over watching it for 24 hours it started to pick up a little and become a deeper red in color and started to drip. I left work and headed to the ER. They did and ultrasound and said that I'm not as far along as I thought. I'm only around 5 weeks instead of 7 weeks. They said its too soon to see a heart beat. They said my ultrasound looks perfectly fine and the baby is exactly where it should be. There is no sign of etopic pregnancy and that my ovaries and uterus look very healthy.Then they drew blood to test my hormone levels. They said I should be around 1500 and my results were 1481 which they said matches my ultrasound. Than she checked my cervix and said it is nice and tight but by the time she finished I was gushing blood and blood clots and they never found the cause of the bleeding. They told me it's a waiting game now and sent me home. I went to my doctor today and they said I should be 7 weeks instead of 5 weeks (even though all they are going off of was my last cycle) and said that my baby must've stopped developing 2 weeks ago. All they pretty much said is to try to relax and wait till the next ultrasound on Wednesday where they are gonna make sure that things are continuing and see if by then they can see a heartbeat and recheck my hormone levels to make sure they are going up as well..... I'm not to sure who I should believe. The ER doctor who said the baby looks fine who did all the tests or the nurse practitioner who is going based off my last cycle and the fact that I'm bleeding..... image Has anyone gone through this and had a successful pregnancy? I'm trying to relax but it's kinda hard


  • I am currently 9 + 2. I got my BFP on 3 Dec and it said I was 1-2 weeks which would fit with when I thought I conceived (I thought 19 Nov). On 17 Dec I had red blood when I wiped and was told to go to A&E to get checked. Based on the last bleed I had (10-14 Nov), I was about 5 weeks pregnant. They said to me it could be normal bleeding, a threatened miscarriage or a miscarriage and to wait and see what happened. I called my MW the next day and was booked for an early scan at what they thought was 7+ 2. I couldnt have a scan until 7 weeks as they say you cant really see much. I had that scan on 2 Jan where the lady measured the foetus from crown to rump and it measured 19.2mm. She then dated my pregnancy and I was actually 8+4 which meant I actually conceived 3 Nov, before my bleed which was like a normal period. I was told the baby was fine and I also saw a strong heartbeat. I also had awful period like cramping sensations for a few weeks.

    So.... After that essay, What I am trying to say is that it is likely to be normal bleeding, albeit heavy. I would go off the date of your last period until you are dated on a scan.

    Good luck x

  • Good luck Hun I bled for the first 10 weeks with brown/red stringy bits and really bad cramping in my lower back. Doctors said I was most likely losing my baby but a scan confirmed at 8+5 that all was well and they found no reason for the bleeding, it just stopped after 10 weeks. As u can see I'm due 1 month today and touch wood all is still well. Try and relax and rest as much as possible and keep us posted x

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