4 faint positive preg tests and 4 days late

hi im 4 days late for my period and have taken 4 preg tests all habe came back faint positive. why r they faint?


  • Because your pregnancy is very early image

    When i first found out mine was also very faint. Now im 22 weeks this friday image

    Take another test next week and that line will be darker! Congratulations x
  • I have took 3 10miu tests an have all come back with VERY faint lines, I'm also over a week late but not sure what to make of it image any advice?? X
  • Hi hope

    Any line you see between the recommended time to look at your result is a positive image


    The tests are faint as your pregnancy is still quite early. Maybe buy a digi test that spells out the result and says how far along you are? I did this after i got my faint test and took the digi the following day image x
  • Thanks for your comment felt a bit crazy lol, I did a digital an came back neg but will try another in few days image x
  • Digi tests can be crap sometimes with early pregnancy. You pay like ten pounds as well so expect the correct result.

    Keep trying with the cheap ones as not so expensive and next week the line should be darker. Upload a pic of your faint test to this if you can. Il see if it was like mine xx
  • Faint line may appear due to different reasons http://saymommy.com/mom_1228_faint-line-pregnancy-test.html#.Ut5N_xBJiUk but it often happens in early testing 

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