First Appointment!

Hi Ladies,

I rang my Doctors at 10am yesterday asking to book an appointment after getting a BFP.  I was told that I wouldn't be seen by a Doctor and that she would fill a form in and a midwife would ring me.  As of yet I haven't heard anything.  Is this the norm?

I assumed I would see a Doctor who would confirm the pregnancy :-S x


  • they normally take a home preg test as true!! it normal for mw to call you and from what ive seen and read on here dont expect a quick response they should normally see you around 9,10 weeks


  • Yeah with my first I saw a doc (just booked an app) n she just said look if uve had a positive test then that's fine n have u got any questions N if not go and book in for about 9 weeks n collect maternity notes while ur there. With this one they just booked me in for 9 weeks with mw and gave me a new set of notes to complete x

  • Thanks for your replies ladies image

    I have just had a call from the Midwife and I have got my first appointment on 22nd January image at which point I will be 6w4d x

  • I booked a regular appointment to confirm pregnancy, saw them Thursday, she just took my blood pressure, I also took a wee sample as I had a little spotting and my friend said she had that when she had water infection, but all fine, I then had to fill couple of forms out at reception and they said midwife will contact me. So just waiting on that, I'm going to book a private dating scan for next week just to put my mind at ease x
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