anyone have an idea how u go about getn form for free dental treatment????

hi ive looked up few sites n not getn anywer on findn out how i get the form for free dental care in pregnancy?

at first scan/booking appointment mw said should be able to get it now, as id phnd doc surgery & enquard about how i get it- they told me mw fills it out with u at around 20wks??

many thanks in advance x


  • My mw filled it in at my booking appointment at 8 weeks and sent it off for me so they should have done it by now. I'd give them a call back and leave a message for mw and tell them u want one filling in (I had to do this as mine got list in post so was paying for prescriptions) it's called a maternity exemption certificate form. It's ur matb1 which proves ur pregnant to give to either employer or dwp if ur on job seekers that they do around 20 weeks x

  • I dont get mine from my MW until I see her at 16 weeks. It differs i think. However, when i enquired about booking in at a dentist and said I was pregnant but didnt have my card yet, she said it was fine and they didnt need to see it. I have also said to the pharmacist I was pregnant and he ticked a box that said i was exempt due to pregnancy but hadnt seen my card and i got my prescriptions free.

  • must depend on the area then as you can't get anything round here for free without showing ur card, must be why they do it so early on. 

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