hey everyone im new here and worried...

Hello all, I am new here. I've seen a few other topics similar to my situations I thought I'd ask and see what type of advice is available. I'll try to keep this as short as possible.. I found out I was pregnant (yesterday to be more specific). I took the clear blue week estimator and it put me at about 2-3 weeks. I was very surprised especially since I've been bleeding since Dec.31st. It started off as very light spotting but the last few days its gettin somewhat heavy but still not menstrual heavy. It goes back and forth between dark and light but mostly dark spotting. I have cramps (sometimes very sharp pains on the left side) a lot but its mostly at night which is what caused me to take the test in the first place (I was originally going to go to the hospital. Still may go today). My question is should I be worried? A little more info/background: I actually had taken plan b Dec 12th which messed with my ovulation (probably delayed it somewhat) I had some light spotting a week before my "menstrual" began. The spotting lasted a few days very light (I figured it was due to plan b). I decided to have intercourse when it stopped for the next 3 days then the "menstrual" began. I'm assuming I became pregnant during the break in between the spotting and period but if that's the case why am I still bleeding almost 2 weeks later? Sorry I know it was long


  • Hi

    I would go an see a gp when you can. Even out of hours service.

    The bleeding is not normal on either case and clearly a worry for you.

    It sounds a little like my early miscarriage. It stopped and started an then eventually got worse and more painful. They say it's more likely miscarriage if you have bleeding and pain together.

    BUT everyone is different and some women have bleeding and everything is ok.

    I would say get seen and it will help. X
  • Hi

    Go to the hospital tomorrow hun. Better to be safe then sorry and its clearly worrying you. I was spotting at 6 weeks after intercourse with my boyfriend. The spotting was literally a few spots. A very red spot and then a couple brown spots.

    I went A&E that day as the nhs call line was CRAP and all they could say was i was loosing the baby even though i had no pain. When i went to the hospital i got seen to and they ran a few tests and checked inside me. Womb was shut so no misscarry. I had to go in the following morning for a scan and when i did baby was there and a heartbeat! Im now 21 weeks pregnant.

    The bleeding was from a small hernia on my inside that will go on its own and also had a cyst on my left ovary which has now gone. So yours could possibly be something like that but with you bleeding loads and pains im not 100% sure.

    Good luck and let us know xx
  • Thank you for your responses. I actually went to the ER yesterday. Come to find out it was an ectopic pregnancy and I had to have my left ovary and fallopian tube removed. Although my doctor assured me I would still be able to conceive in the future I still didnt like the idea since I hate surgery but trust me when I say it saved my life. Blood began to fill in my uterus and here I am recovering and actually feeling better than I have the last few days. My advice to anyone with similar symptoms SEEK HELP. Even if it isn't a serious issue it doesn't hurt to make sure because I almost didnt go to the hospital
  • I'm so sorry Renee, but pleased you got the help you needed. Xxx.
  • Im sorry renee

    Glad you went strait to the hospital and yes i always say go with your gut instinct. On the morning i was bleeding NHS and also my boyfriend said just leave it and sort it tomorrow but i wasn't having any of it so i caught the bus and went strait to A&E on my own.

    Good luck for when you start trying again. Ive heard many of stories women have an ectopic and they go on to have more children so don't be thinking you cant xx
  • Oh I'm sorry to hear your news but glad you've been looked after.

    Get well soon x
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