I'm feeling worried about baby

Hi. I am 16 +5 with my second baby and I'm not really feeling movements. With my first I had moves at 16+6 and with this one I thought I felt flutters last week. However nothing since. I can't shake the bad feeling I have even though I'm trying to tell myself all pregnancies are different and maybe the placenta is anterior this time etc. it's just odd because nothing is happening when I drink cold drinks, eat spicy foods etc. all things which worked with ds. Perhaps s/he is a bit lazy? I don't have my midwife for another two weeks when I hope my mind will be reassured with hearing the heartbeat again but I feel worried. I will then be 18 weeks. A few close friends had bad news at 12 week scans recently and we had an early m/c before this one so perhaps it's residual worry. Has anyone else felt this way?


  • I really wouldn't worry, that sounds very early to be feeling movements and I think you were lucky to feel them so soon first time! I was nearer to 20 weeks before I felt movements both times, and even then it was just flutters. Normal placenta here too! I hope your next appointment comes round quickly so you can be reassured xx
  • It's completely natural that you're worrying tulip after all you've been through. I can only say try not to worry, but easy for me to say and not so easy for you to do.

    I'm 18+1 and I had fluttering last week but nothing the last few days. I have a doppler though and I listened to the hb last night for reassurance and it's still just as strong. Now, tonight I've felt fluttering again. I think I've probably just been busy the last few days and not noticed.

    It is still early to have regular movements and I think 25 weeks+ would be more regular movements.

    Try not to worry but I'm sure your midwife would be happy to allay any fears.

    Gp x
  • Same as all the above hun try not to worry chick I'm sure all is fine and as I say all pregnancies r different x

  • I wouldn't worry hun , I have felt the odd flutter but only a few definite kicks so far , it is very hard not to worry though , was worried myself til I heard the hb on Tuesday , don't expect to feel any regular movement for another couple of weeks , if you're worried ring your midwife , that's what they're there for , was thinking of getting a Doppler but might make me more paranoid if couldn't find it for some reason , have dropped some hints I would like one for my birthday on Monday , but will be surprised if I get one , hope you're ok lovely x x

  • I'm almost 18 weeks and still haven't felt definite movements... it worried me too because I felt my first son around about now but nothing this time so I bought a doppler from ebay.. £20 and I can hear his heart beating and hear him moving so I know hes ok! would definitely recommend getting one... 

    Try not to worry though,  hopefully its not too long before you can feel him/her x

  • Thanks guys.

    I'm not keen on dopplers. The use of them more often than occasionally by the midwife is not tested and so I am wary of the safety of many uses. And I know I wouldn't be able to stop.image

    Plus I would totally worry if I couldn't find the heartbeat.

    As if on cue I've had some feelings today which have been well timed. It's like tightenings and bubbles etc.

    You guys are right. I think id forgotten about the kicks and how long it takes for them to become strong and regular. Thanks for reminding me. Xx
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