Booking an early dating scan, possibly 4-7wks pregnant.

Hiya, date of my last period/miscarriage was 25th November which makes me 6wks 5days, although clearblue digital is putting me at 3-4wks, if clear blue is right then next week I'd be around 5wks. Just wondered other peoples experiences with an early scan have been and how far u were when heartbeat was detected. Thanks xx


  • I think it varies, they say around 6 weeks but I know my friend had loads of early scans and they didn't find the baby's heartbeat till 9 weeks so the longer u can wait the better I think x

  • I saw the heartbeat this time at 5w 6d but that is very early. As your paying for a private scan I would wait till you are closer to 7 weeks just to make sure that you see it x

  • I had a early scan due to a bit of spotting. I thought i was 7 weeks but a woman who didnt even scan me she gave me the pictures told me not to look at them until i leave which i thought was rude! My baby i can do what ever! But she said theyve worked me out to be 5 weeks. I said surely im not as that dont work out right and she said well you could be more. Lol terrible at my hospital but even my midwife said theres no way you can see a heartbeat at 5 weeks. You can at 6 weeks and onwards so when you go for yours you should be able to if what you think you are is correct image xx
  • They do that at the leicester royal infirmary epau as well, give u pics in a brown envelope but ask u not to look until you get out as they send u back to the waiting room after ur scan while they fill out ur paperwork, then call u back in to discuss the results. They ask u to keep a straight face afterwards as well, it's hard when you're beaming inside but can understand why when some of the ladies in there have had bad news x

  • Hi ladies, I'm going for my early scan next sat when I'll be 7 weeks, it costs £50 for a 10 min app. excited but very nervous! (mmc last April)


  • Mines Monday 6.45pm, its £65, but I get photos and a DVD showing heartbeat etc, by my dates i'll be 9wks, can't wait! X

  • Good Luck ladies!!! xx

  • Thank u image if all goes well i'll post a pic of the little bean image x

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