When I had my scan on 2 jan, they said I was 8+4 rather than the 7+2 I thought. CRL was 19.2. When i took a clear blue digi it said I was 1-2 weeks when based on my scan I would have been 4 weeks. Can they ever be wrong??


  • The digis can be wrong, I know a lot of ladies who had odd readings on them. Plus everyone has different hormone levels before getting pregnant and they all rise at different speeds too.

    I'd trust the scan over a digi.

    That being said, I knew I couldn't be as far along at my 12 week scan with my dd as they said because it would have meant conceiving when af was here...

  • Chances r you will change again at ur next scan anyway so I wouldn't worry about it. Early scans are for reassurance they can't really accurately date on a baby so small but saying that I don't they ever can be 100% as all babies are different. I got put forward by 3 days at my dating scan and that's the date they stick with for the whole pregnancy x

  • Digi tests i have been told you are meant to add on a couple weeks to the result it says and also scans i dunno. I had a early one i thought i was 7 weeks. The woman there said i was 5 weeks which hardly possible as i seen a heartbeat so my midwife said i would have been just over 6 weeks of anything and then at my 12 week scan they said i was 13 weeks. 20 week scan i was 19 weeks which worked out correct but a woman i know seen me last week and said i look bigger then what i am. 21 weeks so who knows lol xx
  • They did date me at my early scan and 12 week is just for NT. 

    I just hate uuncertainty and hope they don't say oh no sorry, you're only 10 weeks when ive been told I'll be 12+2 at my next scan.

  • It does happen, with my first my due date changed at my 12 and 20 week scan. They should date u again at ur 12 week scan (did with mine I had one at 8+5 then again at 12 weeks but was told I was 12+3) as they should measure crl again whilst doing the other routine checks so it may change. Try not to worry it's only an estimate anyway, in  reality there's a 5 week window in which baby would be classed as full term if born (37-42 weeks) , just enjoy seeing lil one on the scans ull b amazed at how much they've changed. 

  • I know it can change by days,.... but weeks? 

  • It's unlikely it would change by weeks not since they already gave you a date on the first scan. You might change by a few days or so. Although saying that with my first I was changed by almost 2 weeks but then I never had an early scan. I can't see them changing u by weeks now though.

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