I think I'm having a miscarriage :(

Hi, I'm 6+1 with my second baby and I'm currently experiencing bleeding. It started of as brown blood last night and this morning it's heavier red blood. I never experienced this I'm my first pregnancy so I'm assuming the worst image I've been to the walk in centre but they can't scan me until Thursday and said I was having a 'threatened miscarriage' however, they said my GP could try a different hospital (as we're on county borders) so I have an appointment there in a bit. I'm just feeling helpless, my other pregnancy was relatively normal so I really didn't expect any problems. To make matters worse I was due to go on a school residential which is very active so I had to advise work so they could check insurance and get a back up teacher. Consequently more people know than usual, so more people to tell that I lost a baby image Can anyone share their experiences with me - good or bad? I'm certain this is the end for me, but somehow take comfort for knowing I'm not alone!


  • I had bleeding with this one for the first 10 weeks, sometimes was watery sometimes stringy and always with bad cramps, never had it with first so was really worried but all is well they never found the cause and I'm due in a matter of weeks. Good luck Hun hope it's good news for u x

  • Good luck hun for later x

    I had spotting when i was 6 weeks and had a early scan thinking the worst but all was ok and im now 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl xx
  • Thank you ladies, I have a scan tomorrow at the other hospital. The GP said that it could go one way or the other. It's just a waiting game to see if it gets worse or not. Still got quite a bit of blood filled two pads today with some small clots. The only good sign is I don't have cramps and the blood has gone darker. But I'm not holding out much hope :-/
  • Hang on in there, gp is bound to say that my gp told me I was losing my  baby when I told mw she said gps don't have a clue about pregnancy x

  • Same as LH hang on in there and rest xx
  • Thanks I rested a lot yesterday, which isn't the easiest thing with a 3year old. Bleeding has almost stopped just a little spot over night and when wiped this morning. No pain, trying to be positive but I just can't see how a pregnancy can continue with that amount of bleeding it was like having a mid flow period for a day! Fingers crossed for my scan later this morning! Thanks again xxx
  • Keep us posted hun x

  • Hi, hope everything will be good but bleeding shows not only miscarriage but some other situations so if you want you may read the info here http://saymommy.com/mom_1200_abnormal-bleeding-pregnancy.html#.UtULnvRdV8E be healthy and strong!

  • Good luck with the scan xx

  • Hope ur scan went well hun xx

  • So sorry to hear this miss football... Must be such an anxious time for you.... my thoughts & wishes are with you, please keep us posted

  • How did your scan go??
  • Hi all, thanks for thinking about me. Unfortunately, I had a full natural miscarriage yesterday. I'm shocked that I didn't have that much bleeding or pain. I still had one large clot to pass, which caused me to still have a positive pg test. It came this afternoon and bleeding has almost stopped.

    I'm feeling all over the place and empty. You just think it's never happen to you! Xxx
  • Oh hun I'm so sorry image x

  • Sending hugs chick sorry for ur loss x

  • Sorry to hear that Xxx
  • im so sorry to read this xx sending hugs

  • Thank you again. I doing ok. From the scan they checked my uterus, etc and the Dr rang me yesterday to say that I look normal, there is nothing obvious. More than likely there was something wrong with the baby. My body was quick to miscarry and it's natures way of doing things. It was such a shock when I've already had a 'normal' pregnancy, you never think it will happen to you! Good luck with your pregnancies, thanks for your support xxx
  • i understand what u mean i was the same had my son no pros he is now 17 months old yet have gone on to have 2 m/c last year, it feels unreal and at the time i thought how can this be happening to me xx sending hugs chick xx

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