is this normal at 20 weeks 2 days pregnant

when i feel baby movements they are really low down in abdomen is this normal as i am abit worried 


  • Yeah baby will be here there and everywhere as still pretty small at 20 weeks just enjoy it hun x

  • had me worried as low when feel baby move hopefully find out if pink/blue tomorrow cant wait thankyou for reassurance xx

  • Awwwwww can't wait to see ur update image x

  • I'm guessing blue for u x

  • Yep totally normal, I had this to start with around 20 weeks and now at 23 weeks am getting the jabs to the ribs!!

  • Good luck image

    Im 21 weeks and 3 days and kicks also low and same im guessing boy image x
  • thankyou all how come you think blue i aint to sure my partner is saying blue so will know for defo tomorrow plus i aint had much heartburn and was only sick 3 times aswell xx

  • Symptoms has nothing to do with it Iol 'm carrying like a boy and had a typical boy pregnancy but were having another girl, total opposite pregnancy to my first. I took a look at ur scan pic, skull looks quite flat and the nub even tho it's forked looks like it's pointing up  more. I dunno I m just thinking blue, be sure to keep us posted x

  • thats what i thought symptoms has nothing to do with it lol you may be right people cant believe how clear my scan pics are ive had people say a girl coz of my bump and had people say a boy aswell i do think boy sometimes but will see and will defo keep posted xx

  • Mine was just a guess as EVERYONE is having girls at the moment lol including me when i thought mine was going to be a boy.

    You never no though image you might be joining all of us with pink image

    Everyone said boy to me even my midwife apart from my friend who's had a girl and her and her partner both said girl as my bump looked exactly like hers but like you said i don't think any symptoms or bumps have anything to do with the sex xx
  • will know tomorrow how long does this scan take? i may well be joining the pink club i just dont believe in all the wives tales lol  xx

  • Mine took round about 20 mins

    They check for any abnormalities and if babies growing ok and then let you go. I don't know if the woman i had was intending to tell me the sex so i had to ask her. So just mention it to yours when you go in to be on safe side image and make sure you have a full bladder lol as the woman wasn't happy with me for going not long before and was going to get me to come back in twenty mins later but baby ended up moving on her own image xx
  • thankyou haleigh will make sure i have a full bladder then as didnt say on letter to have a full bladder plus at 12 week scan my bladder wasnt full so had to go and sit in waiting area and drink more water then got called back in about 15 mins later and baba was moving hope mine dont take to long then xx

  • Neither did mine but i remembered from my 12 week letter saying it but my appointment for 20 week was at 8:30 in the morning and are they really expecting me to hold in a wee from when i first wake up lol.

    It shouldn't take any longer then 20 mins image maybe even less. Hope everything goes ok xx
  • Good luck for today what times ur scan? X

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