I dont think there is a thread about freebies etc so I thought I could start one and we could share any good freebies we have applied for/got.

So when I had my booking appointment, I got a bounty pack voucher from the MW. I got this from Boots and it had handy stuff in like a small sudocrem, some body butter, stretch mark cream, washing tablet, fabric softener, a persil "corner blanket", antibaterical wipes etc. Worth it for the few bits you get.

I also signed up to "Emmas diary" and you get 3 packs mum to be, bump to baby and new family pack. Again I got this from boots with my vouchers and I have to say, the freebies were pretty good. Amongst the 3 packs you got barrier cream, breast pads, a nappy, 2 packs of all bran, some moisturisers, lots of money off coupons but by far the best of the 3 was the new family pack where you got essentially a johnsons starter pack which had wipes, baby lotion, baby bath and baby oil and other wipes.

I have signed up to the boots mother and baby club and when you receive your welcome pack which can take a few weeks you get a voucher for a changing bag which is worth £30.00 and all you have to do is buy some pampers newborn nappies to redeem the voucher.

I have also signed up to the Sainsburys baby club where if you have a nectar card and swipe it in 2-3 weeks after signing up, you get a £5 voucher to spend on their "Little Ones" range.

What offers/freebies have you seen?



  • Tesco and asda baby clubs are always good for vouchers. also cow and gate/pampers/huggies/heinz/hipp baby etc all have clubs to sign up to for vouchers And samples. The boots changing bag is lovely much better than the one I got back in 2009 x

  • I have that bounty voucher pack to still fill in. Are the packs already there then at boots as thought they would have to order in or something.

    Emma's diary ones where did you get them from? Xx
  • Emma's diary you just need to sign up for. Yeah they have them all there ready x

  • emma's diary you can get from Argos stores x

  • thanks for the tips. signed up to emmas diary and the boots mother and baby club. xx


  • Just signed up to them all apart from asda as couldn't find anywhere where to register it just kept saying it yet nothing was there and tesco was saying you need to ring up but i think you can do it in store so may pop to my local one tomorrow xx
  • Apta have one image i just joined and they send out freebies including a teddy xx
  • Yeah cow and gate send u a cuddly cow lol and I got 2 free beakers aswell x

  • Awww thats good. Ive been going for a animal theme as well. More to jungle animals but i suppose i can add a cow to it lol x
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