had 20 week scan today

just letting you all know im having a pink baby she was very chilled today even had her hands over face at one point im so happy xx



  • Awwwww congrats Hun! Hooray for the girls x

  • thankyou hun just choosing a name now is gonna be hard xx

  • Tell me about it! We had Caitlin's name by 23 weeks, still can't decide on a name for this one although we have a little short list so will decide on the day x

  • Ahhhh another girl image

    Theres going to be so many girls born this year! Could they tell strait away when scanning you?

    Girls are so fun shopping for xx
  • aww least you have a short list theres a name i like but gonna see what other half thinks its so hard chossing xx

  • not straight away she couldnt as little lady was so chilled the whole time she said an 80 per cent chance but looking at scan pics you can tell theres no willy lol xx

  • yay for team pink!!!!! 


  • Yeah mine she said 95% chance as she was like i think its a little girl and my boyfriend said well how sure are you and she said 95% but my boyfriend couldn't see any boy bits either when she was looking.

    You gone have a 3d scan? We've already got a name image xx
  • on the scan pics you can tell theres no boy bits i wanna get a 3d scan just dont know how much they are and where does them xx

  • Google it ull b surprised how many places there are. If u c the three lines or the hamburger as it's called then u can b pretty sure there's no tucking going on lol x

  • will google now see if can find anywhere near me ive put my scan pic up as profile pic lol x

  • ah congrats, another pink bump.  When are you due?

  • How do you get pics up on this? I want to put mine up.

    Ive looked and there all so expensive lol my mum wants to come along as well so might see if she will put a little bit towards xx
  • I had to go on my laptop to update profile pic, you can do it in your settings menu on ur profile but it wouldn't work on my phone/ipad x

  • Yeah I just tried on my iphone and iPad and the browse button isn't there image it won't even save my baby tracker either for the signature x

  • im due 31st may theres a place near me that packages start from £90 and go upto £160 o will see what other half thinks i keep  looking at my scan pics now xx

  • Ahhh day after my birthday image im worried mine will be late and i end up going into labour on my birthday lol.

    I want to put my scans in photo frames but cant find any suitable for them and the 3d scan where gone have made into a canvas to put up image xx
  • aww will be a lovely birthday prsent for you though amazon and ebay do lovely scan photo frames as i struggled to find one im defo gonna get a 3d scan done dont get why they say a percentage when giving sex of baby as i was given 80 per cent chance a girl xx

  • Congratulations , it's so difficult choosing a name , great fun though , good luck , girls stuff is so cute x x  

  • the person who done scan said 80 per cent chance girl so been out buying pink lol gonna be hard choosing name xx

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