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My dates put me at 7wks 1day, took a clearblue digital conception indicator yesterday and its put me at 4-5wks. How accurate r they? That puts me up to 3wks out image xx



  • If it said preg 3+ then I don't think it goes any higher than that. As far as I'm aware it only says 1-2 (3-4 weeks) 2-3 (4-5 weeks) and 3+ (5+ weeks) so if you were 10 or even 12 weeks it would still only say 3+ x

  • It said 2-3 on mine, So 4-5wks, but I'm 7wks from last period! X

  • Did u use fmu? Maybe just a bit diluted, also don't forget everyone's hormones rise at different rates x

  • Yeah was my fmu, yeah I guess there's no telling until I have a scan image x

  • Bless ur heart ur really worrying aint u. I'm sure all is fine, when's the scan? X

  • I would maybe test again in a few days to see if your weeks have increased. I personally find them very accurate, thats why I worried when mine was a day late going up to 3+. Is it possible that your only 4-5 weeks where you didnt have a af after miscarriage? When have you booked your scan? Im such a worrier that im considering booking another scan for next week (I had a scan last Friday at the epu). I know how hard it is being pregnant after a miscarriage,  waiting to get to 12 weeks is so hard

  • My scans the 30th Jan, so 15 days away image yeah im just expecting the worse all the time cos of the 2 miscarriages, maybe this is 3rd time lucky, we will c! im not sure ilovemygirls my periods r usually about 5wks apart sometimes 6, so when I hadn't come on at the 6th wk I did a test and was positive, maybe I ovulate later. I have another clear blue I was gonna do over the weekend xx

  • Keep us posted chick x

  • I am thinking of buying one of these tests today as from my calculations i ovulated 22 days ago and i am currently 5w2d so should see a 3+ but i am scared as i have read where people have said they arent accurate image x
  • Let me know how u get on angwass2, I got mine in boots, was a 2 pack of conception indicators for ??12.99 I think, which isn't 2 bad considering they r about ??9 each! Yep it's doing my head in aswell, can u tell lol! X
  • i didnt get my 3+ till i was into my 6th week of pregnancy, i know its hard i was test crazy in november after my first m/c in july, i think its natural to worry and god knows what il be like when it happens again for me, testing in a few days time....xx

  • I know, after having a miscarriage it makes u really paranoid doesn't it Sarah image i just want to get so excited about it, but i know what can happen! good luck with your testing! Keep us updated! Xx

  • How accurate was it in the end stacey? (Based on where they put you at your dating scan) my cbd said "pregnant 2-3" on the 11th of Feb an  I am soooo tempted to get one tomorrow to make sure I get a 3+ (I KNOW other half will go mental at me wanting to spend another tenner on tests as I am a TOTAL test addict lol) would put my mind at ease no end though so WELL worth the ten pounds!!! Hope you are ok today hun xxxx

  • My 2 said 1-2 weeks. I was 4 weeks at the time.

  • Yeah was spot on, as scan put my dates 3wks out! Mrsw that would have been correct, if u get a pregnant 1-2, it puts u at 3-4wks pregnant. I think they r a bit confusing, as what they show is how many wks since conception but then for how many wks pregnant u have to add 2wks (if that makes sense lol) xx
  • Hi I'm having same problem 17th feb day period due said 1/2 great then last Friday said 2/3 brilliant today still 2/3 would have thought 3+ as 5 weeks 4 days I ovulated on 30th jan so would def be 5 weeks plus stressing out as 42 and miracle pregnancy !!
  • Hi Rachel i did one this week i was 4 weeks and 6 days and i got 2-3 weeks, i never seem to get the 3+ weeks till im into my 6th week, so will be trying on next friday as il be 6 weeks 1 day then lol, please dont stress i dont think the clear blue digital are as spot on babes xxx

  • I did test a week apart and they both said 2-3 when I'd have thought would have been 3+ but wasn't! I don't think they r brilliant for spot on accuracy, just give u a rough idea! I'm 11wks tomorrow so mine was nearly right when I did them! X
  • Thanks ladies I am so stressing out as took 3 years of Ivf/ iui for dd due to egg degeneration so this pregnancy was competely unexpected but so much wantedimage got scan on Monday to check it's not eptopic due to my age so keeping fingers crossed for that.

    Sarah good luck for Friday hope you get your 3+ as it's peace if mind isn't it Hun x

    Stacey congrats on the 11 week mark xx
  • Turns out they were pretty accurate for me too both with this one and with my 11month old dd.  Though with dd I did get a 2-3 for two weeks running by  I think I did them too clots  together as there was  only about eight days between the tests, with t hi  one I waited a bit longer and got my 3+ on Monday this week (first tested on the 11th an  got 2-3) an  had a scan on Tuesday(the 25th) which put me at six weeks which would mean it's indicator is pretty accurate for me at least. Hope this helps ladies xxxxx

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