Cannot believe that....

In just under two weeks I'm going to be six months pregnant! I joined this back when i was 7 weeks i think it was but hardly used it back then and cant believe how fast time has gone!! Cant wait until she is here


  • Ahhhh my message didn't all send! image

    I put after I'm starting to think about labour and not wanting the ep so what other drugs is there that help with the pain a little? Xx
  • I know , time flies doesn't it , at first 6 months seems ages away but it's still here , I'm going to try hypnobirthing this time , had an epidural for my 1st as was breech n had high bp , gas n air for the 2nd , nothing for the 3rd - didn't like gas n air that time - n gas n air for my 4th can honestly say it was painful but bearable n seemed like such an achievement to have done it naturally , but would like to try something to take the edge off a little this time have you considered pethidine etc ? good luck hun x x

  • I did my first with gas n air as was 10cm dilated when I got there so no time for anything else. That stuffs better than 10 pints of stella lol. I only had to push for 8 mins to get her out x

  • Doesn't time fly? I cant believe Im 11 weeks today image

  • I am a massive gas and air fan! Oh what I wouldn't do to have a bottle at home lolimage had all 3 of mine using it and I'm planning on using it again although last time it sent me a bit odd image as in voices in my head telling me what to do and what not to do very very odd!
  • I was giddy on it convinced there was a wh smith in the hospital and repeatedly screamed at oh to go get he done water from there lol. He was like wtf......... Lol x

  • Hi evemum image whats hypnobirthing? Ive never heard of it. Yeah im thinking of the pethidine but ive read it can make the baby seem all drugged up as well and can take a couple days to get baby to breastfeed if i choose that?

    MrsW2021 - omg are you really 11 weeks! I remember when you first posted on this thinking that you was. Only feels a couple week back lol. Youll be having your scan soon image

    Puddy - omg that sounds so scary with the voices lol i think my boyfriend would be really freeked out if that happens to me! He wants my mum to be there with us for the birth as well just so he knows what to expect with someone telling him and plus i think hes scared lol

    LH i think my hospital actually has a small wh smithimage also got a hairdressers in there and a clothe shop LOL not that any of that will come in hand for when im in labour. I want to buy a nice new pj and dressing gown set just incase labours long and i end up walking round a bit.

    Cant believe how fast time is going! I went mothercare earlier and got a discount on some baby photos for when shes here for ??5 image

    Thanks for all the replys xxxx
  • Five pound meant to say. I dunno why is ways puts ?? Instead of pound sign
  • Hypnobirthing is when you either go to classes to learn the techniques or buy a cd (which I have ) and basically learn relaxation n mantras to focus on to help with the labour n surges (They don't call them contractions ) Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet , better get my arse in gear , these last 19 weeks have flown n you're supposed to start in the 2nd trimester so it's 2nd nature to you , have heard so many good reports about it so thought I might as well give it a try ,

     My sister had pethidine n said she could still feel the pain but was kind of distanced from it , but yes , you're right , it can make the baby abit sleepy , think they don't usually like to give it within half an hour or so of the birth , but sometimes babies can take everyone by surprise ,

    Think the best thing to do is go in with an open mind as no one knows what will happen on the day or night , so much to think about isn't there , good luck hun x x

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