Rhesus negative - anti d injection

Hi I'm o rhesus negative, just wondering how many wks u r when u have the injection, my last baby was nearly 5yrs ago so I can't remember, plus it may have changed now! Thanks x


  • I had mine at 28 weeks and then another when bub was born. 

  • With my other 2 I had 2 then 1 when my eldest was born but my youngest was negative also so didn't need one, also if I had any bleeding throughout x
  • Yea and was told any kind of fall or bump to go in and have an injection.

  • Your blood groups same as mine image

    Midwife said 28 weeks babe. I had to have one couple week back as thought i seen a drop of blood on tissue and wasnt sure if it was from vagina or a cut ive got down there so had to have a early dose to be on safe side but that only starts in second trimester if you notice bleeding xx
  • Actually im b- lol thought thats what you putimage
  • Nah ur rarer than meimage only 2 percent of population have ur blood group! Only 7 percent have mine image hmmm well I had 2 routine ones then any extra with spotting, glad its only 1 now its a real pain in my arse image xx

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