Confused & angry

When I had my epau scan on 2 Jan they booked my NT scan on 28th Jan at 4pm as I was shared care and was told I'd see a consultant straight afterwards.

So I get home today and theres a letter from the hospital for a obstetrics consultation on Thursday at 10am. Wtf?! 

I called my mw team... closed. Called the mobile number.... switched off. So called the antenatal clinic... closed. WT actual F?!?!?!

Spoke to switchboard at hospital and they put me through to birth centre and spoke to a lovely mw who said she thinks could be a separate appointment as consultant isnt really concerned with NT scan as its more for parents piece of mind.

Gonna call antenatal clinic tomorrow to see whats going on but im confused and angry too. If scan has been moved to Thurs hubby cant come. Talk about late notice!!!!!


  • How strange. I shouldn't think it's for the nt scan as it would say on the letter and nt scans are usually just done by a mw sonographer, sounds like an appointment specific to something pregnancy related (I'm in for the same thing on thurs to talk about baby being breech and they were very clear about last fri being just a scan and this thurs being a consultant app at the obs clinic) hopefully they can shed some light on what/why tomorrow. Very unfair to book it in without telling you though. Maybe they've just booked the consultant appointment you mention above rather than you waiting to see someone after your scan? x

  • So this morning I called the antenatal clinic to find out what the appointment is for. I explained that I had been told i needed them in the afternoon so I would have a scan and see consultant immediately afterwards to be told that isnt the case, the consultant I am under doesnt do clinics in the afternoon, nor on Tuesdays (when my NT scan is) and that the late notice of the letter was due to the consultant only doing clinics on a Thursday and the post must have been delayed. She said he must have asked to see me urgently. Anyway, my DH cant get the time off work and luckily my parents can come instead. GRRRR!!! 

    What happens at your first Obstetrics appt?

  • nhs are a nightmare! Do you know why you're shared care in the first place? Normally you just see a midwife, Ive only seen consultants this time due to having cervical surgery and being at risk of premature delivery, and I'm only seeing one tomorrow as baby is breech so I guess what happens depends on the reason for you needing to see a consultant.

  • I know why Im seeing a consultant and that's fine. I have a pre-existing medical condition. 

    Im just miffed at the lack of organisation! Like when they said my scan was at hospital a which is the next town and it was at hospital B - that i live practically opposite and we only found out on arrival at hospital a!

  • That's rubbish it's mad how standards differ so much in the nhs. I can't fault my hospital but my doctors surgery are shite. Good luck for tomoz 

  • Hi girls,

    Well my appt was shot and sweet. The MW had written about my medical condition on the referral form but not made it clear to the consultant if it was me or a previous pregnancy. Long and short he's happy for me to pretty much be MW lead. Wants to see me at 32 weeks for a check up.

  • Oh that's good news then. After saying my hospital are great, they well and truly ballsed up today. Told me they'd turn my baby tomorrow, booked it signed the forms, gave me my meds to take. Then oops sorry no we can't turn her due to her position, now booked in for c sec next Thursday. Never sobbed so much in my life. Glad all went well with u tho

  • Oh LH that sucks. Im sorry they cant help image Hope ur ok hon xx

  • I'm getting used to the idea. I had an amazing natural birth with Caitlin and just assumed I could do it again so feel a bit disappointed, but they said trying to turn her could risk her life so its just not an option x

  • Is there any chance she might still turn?  X

  • They think so cuz she's on the small side but I don't wana get my hopes up. I need to accept it I think and just deal with it! X

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