Getting organised,cats,and lazy men!

appologoes of this is abit of a rant biti feel,it's needed! I'm 6 months pregnant to,prow and getting very stressy at the state of my house, I'm getting really annoyed at stuff that's cluttering up (I'm a tad OCD and like minimal things) our baby's room will take over per office which my fiancé uses as a dumping ground and I'm getting to that point where as soon as go pose out the door I'm going to get the bin bags out and bin everything! Also I have an indoor cat who I've had since 8 wks old, he's never gone out and that of course means an indoor litter tray, so before I was pregnant I used to empty the litter try every single g'day and bleach it ocats my cat gets everywhere and I'm concerned aout cross contamination etc, so now my partner has been doing it's severe 3 or so days you can imagine the state and litter everywhere! The litter tray which is a hooded one is currently in the office 'man room' and will have to come downstairs other tiny kitchen we have. I've asked him for weeks to bring it flown so  the cat will get used to going somewhere else etc buno still, no sucsess, so tonight I'm just going to sort it all myself! Question is can it actually even touch the litter tray to bring it downstairs myself any advice on how to get things organised would be greatly appreciated xxx


  • i believe are ok to do it so long as you wear gloves (ie the disposable latex ones) & wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

  • Omg men are useless at times! Im nearly six months as well and i'll tell my boyfriend to do something and it takes me at least 3 times to ask! Hea been decorating the nursery for past few weeks. Taken him so long as hes not done anything for past week so ive told him when hes back from work he can finish it off! Dont think he understands i want the nursery done with everything up inside for march. The room was originaly his game room and now hes saying what to do with his game chair. Well hes not leaving it in the room! Id rather he get rid of it.

    Haha theres my rant over and done withimage

    The litter tray they do say to avoid if possible when pregnant but IF you have to move it your self then make sure you wear disposable or old rubber gloves and then wash hands properly after. But i wouldnt clean it though. Leave that for your partner.

    We was going to get a dog when i was early pregnant and my boyfriend is the sort to not pick up any dog poo it be all left down to me so given this a miss for now.

    When you due?xx
  • my oh only just kicked in to touch since I got booked in for a c sec next thurs, all of a sudden he's like some sort of superhero lol rushin about doin everything, pffffffft men eh. Although I'm not complaining lol x

  • I'm exaclt there same Hun I wanted everything sorted by thedepend of march latest, hey might think we're being silly but it's just one less thing isn't worry about. I mean he does work hard etc but so do I I work a full time office job mon to fri and I'm a mobile hairdress AND 6 months pregnant (just) funny how is women mange to get stuff done isn't it! Lol we have the same issue ATM with his desk and computer etc which he never uses EVER that's certainly not staying lol I wouldn't bother getting a dog for none Hun you've got a lot on your plate, I've got a cat and that's bad enough, I'm due on the 17th may image 

    aww lh86 nearly over for you now Hun bet you feel relieed now - and at least he's pulling his socks up now make the most of it lol xxx

  • He's gona have a damn shock when he's home alone with our 4 year old. She's a bleedin handful but cuz he works long hours grafting on the building sites I do everything with her n at home cuz I don't work. Men dont get the whole need to be prepared for baby, luckily we do x

  • Lol oh Dear! I sure hel'll be fine, xx

  • Lol he came home half pissed last night after I wrote that message bout how great he is. Nob x

  • Pfffttttttt oh really! Bloody Men! Xxx

  • Good job they've got us to whip them in to shape lol x

  • Lol totally agree! Well wee ,ad 'Some progress' he's brought the littthe rawp downstairs and moved some boxes into the garage . . . . . I think he may be ill lol xx

  • Ha ha good stuff x

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