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Hi everyone .. I'm very new to this and thought I'd get involved by sharing my story up to now. I experienced a small amount of bleeding 3weeks ago after intercourse (I thought I was 6 weeks) and I was advised to have emergency scan. I did and there was no baby! I was distraught as I wasn't experiencing any symptoms either, and so i started allowing myself to believe my dream was no more! I was told to go back in 2wks time (which I did 3days ago) and there he/she was!!! the midwife told me I was 7wks 1day (which means I was well out with my calculations) and everything was looking perfect!! We seen the lil heartbeat and everything image i am now 7wks 4days and still experiencing no symptoms! although, now I know everything is doing well in there, I am counting myself lucky!! I wanted to post this so that anyone else in my position wont lose hope, like I did!! I now have 2 amazing scan pics of our little cherub! Good luck to you all xx


  • Congratulations! I had a similar situation. . Thought I was around 8 weeks and had an early scan where they saw sac & yolk sac but no baby- I feared the worst and returned 2 weeks later to see my jelly bean image I must have been around 5 weeks the first time which is too early to always see baby. Now almost 20 weeks and halfway there yay!! X
  • so happy for you bothimage

    I'm going for an early scan next Sat when I will be 7 weeks(going by last af) so I'm really dreading it as it was bad news at my last 12 week scan on April 2013! fc all will be ok this time xx

  • Thats great news image

    I had a early scan when i was around 6 weeks due to spotting and all i got told was ectopic even before they scanned me. So when my scan came the following morning i was expecting to see no baby but there she was! image

    Im now 23 weeks and 1 day xx
  • Congratulations StubbornBrit & Haleigh!! it's a beautiful feeling!!

    Good luck Carioke!! I have my fingers crossed for you!! Let us know how it goes xx
  • thankyou, will do xx

  • Hi ladies, I had my scan on Saturday (7weeks since last af) she said I was definitely pregnant but very early and it's in the right place! she put me at less than 6 weeks. I feel really disappointed as it was an early reassurance scan and in no way do I feel reassured!!

    Off to see midwife this aft so hope I can get a dating scan very soon xx

  • Hi carioke , hope the appointment went well with midwife , try not to worry hun , good that you are def pregnant n in the right place , hope the next scan is clearer x xl


  • This happened to me too! I was convinced I had lost my baby as I was having horrendous cramps, they scanned me and only seen a thickening of the womb! They took bloods, then two days later took bloods again and my pregnancy hormone hadn't doubled! I was totally devestated! They told me to go back two weeks later to confirm and there was my beautiful little baba with a strong heartbeat! And now he's a four week old monster and the apple of my eye! image congratulations Hun! Xxx
  • I know it's easier said than done, Carioke, but try and stay calm. Your early scan sounds exactly like mine and I got myself in a right tizz BUT all was well in the end! The waiting is horrible but it sounds like they don't have any concerns and, as I have learnt, it's so easy for your dates to be way out! I have my 12 week scan booked for 27th Feb. My boyfriend wont be here image but my mum and sister have jumped at the chance to have first glance at him/her image xx

  • Thanks ladies, the midwife put me at 7 weeks yesterday so I will just keep positive and wait for my 12 week scan. I'm so tired and dizzy this time which is good as last pregnancy (ended in mmc) I felt too good and knew something was wrong when by boobs stopped hurting at 9 weeks.


  • Hi ladies, just to let you know I've booked a 2nd scan for this sat so fc I should be able to see a heartbeat this time!!

    hope you're all well xx

  • awww good luck!!!! xx
  • Good luck Hun x

  • Hi ladies, I really can't believe I'm going through this nightmare AGAIN!!!! I had a scan 2 weeks ago which showed an empty sac measuring 7mm, she said it was in the right place and looked the right size for my dates. I had a re-scan yesterday and the sac was still empty and measuring 13mm. I'm being referred to the EPU as she thinks it's a non viable pregnancy, they will scan me next week, (what a week it's going to be!!)image

    I googled all day when I got home in the hope I would find some positive outcomes but not feeling hopeful at all.

    I'ts all so unfair!!!imageimageimageimage

  • omg .. I'm so sorry to hear that! I don't understand why the sac would be getting bigger if there was no baby?? could they not have done more tests there and then? I still have my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • The sac keeps growing and doesn't recognise there's no baby developing, if the sac grows to 13mm with no yolk sac then it's a blighted ovum. I will be going for a scan this fri to confirm, I'm not feeling hopeful but prepared!

    thankyou xx

  • We will all be thinking of you on Friday carioke xxx


  • Thankyou xxx


  • How did it go Carioke? xx

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