Hi all I have a question as the midwifes/Doctors don't give you a straight answer, my consultant said to write down baby movements so got myself a book looked up on line and it says you should feel your baby move roughly 10 times an hour, not to panic if they move half that as they sleep for 45 mins so I wrote 1-60 thinking that sounds about right, as im measuring smaller (25/26 weeks). I have been told not to over do it so my partner doesn't let me do ANYTHING lol have to wait for him to go out to do a load of washing ect but still taking it easy as I really bad pains so I cant move much, any how 1st day I did it he only moved 28 times and that was any movements even if I thought it was gas I still wrote it down in case it wasn't, the 2nd time a BIG 56 times but then I got to the 3rd day only 28 again, as soon as it got to 11.07 I didn't feel him move at all I fell asleep 2am woke up this morning at 7am and just lay there till now 10.11am and still nothing I have ate ice pops cold water everything. im a bit worried  I don't want to contact them in case they say its ok or normal what do all you think or have gone through the same or going through the same thing.


  • They say to lie on ur left side for 2 hours and really concentrate on nothing but baby, and if you feel less than 10 and are 28 weeks plus to give them a shout so if he's still nit moving much I would ring up. My notes say any change in pattern after 28 weeks needs to be reported to midwife x gl x

  • Hi

    Im 23 weeks and sort of in same situation. Ive been told to not count kicks until third trimester.

    I normally feel her kick loads! Then couple day back there was many and same as yesterday. Today ive had a few so far but its so worrying. I think because im concentrating more it makes me more worried. She also kicks alot really low and was hoping she be kicking higher by now but theres still a load of room i guess for another couple weeks.

    Have you tried gentle pokes or gentle shakes? Ive seen people do this on utube to get their baby to kick. They also have spells of lazy periods as well so yours could be having that xx
  • Drinking pure orange will wake baby up too x

  • aww thanks all yeah I tried laying down with no tv or anything on and just relaxed for a few hours but will keep trying and yeah my hubby poked and shaken my tummy then he got bored of waiting after 30mins lol think its a man thing I got a growth scan Monday so if they get any less or the gaps his not moving like he will move at 12 then nothing till 3 ill phone them if not will show them Monday the times I have written down fingers crossed. Has any of you ladies lost weight through your pregnancies as that's another worry of mine i was 60.00kg when i was roughly 7 weeks now im 29 weeks this coming Monday but im only 58.4kg they say not to worry but i think its a big worry xx

  • I can honestly say I've never lost weight in pregnancy, I'm a right heffalump at the mo. If you've been really sick though I guess it's inevitable. Just try n eat when u can that's all u can do chick x

  • yeah for the 1st 5 months was sick everyday when hospital on drips a few times it wasn't that I wasn't eating it was everything even water went down came back up. The passed 2 months its been a lot better on strong sickness tablets what stop me been sick but im always feeling it lol but eating a lot more so I thought it was odd im still loosing it. They told me to eat every 1-2 hours and so was worrying that he isn't getting enough but they said he takes what he needs so not sure, they always say your 3rd is the worst looks like they are right had NO problems with my other 2 x

  • Yeah baby will take what he needs from u, if anything u will b the one who goes without not him. some ppl just have smaller babies just like some have bigger ones. I'm an inbetweener lol x

  • Aww Hun try not to worry too much about this, not everyone has a text nook pregnancy and everyone is different, I'm 24 weeks and I rarely feel anything and if I do I can't tell if it's baby or gas! My mum said when she was carrying me, she hardly felt any movement! And it also depends on were your placenta is that can effect the amount of movement you feel so my midwife told me. Xxx

  • aw thanks ladies think I look to hard at things as we tried for him over a year image xx

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