am i pregnant?

Hi. I was on the contraceptive pill but I missed one which means I was unprotected for 7 days in which time my boyfriend and I had sex several times. 10 about a week after the first time unprotected I had a bit of brown discharge in my knickers and when I wiped it was light pink (literally looked like strawberry milkshake) it only lasted a day. Since then I've had several pregnancy like symptoms including period like cramping, backache, hipache, a tightening feeling in my lower abdomon, my boobs felt bruised around the sides, heartburn, constipation, look and feel bloated, dizzy spells, hot flushes, felt queasy, headaches, keen sense of smell ( I kept smelling cheesy feet) and a thick milky discharge. I started doing home pregnancy tests since the pink discharge (implantation?) And all have been negative except about aweek ago when iI got a very faint positive 2 days in a row but they have been negative again for the last week. Its now been over 3 weeks since I had unprotected sex and most of my symptoms have gone except the thick milky discharge and the bloating. Tests are negative but no period or other bleeding or pain indicating early miscarriage. Can anybody tell me what's happening? Why did I get a faint positive but then several negatives? I don't know when my period was due but usually when I miss a pill I come on straight away.


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