Can growth spurt make you feel like crap? :(

Im 23 weeks and 2 days. Ive been feeling out of breath quick and exhausted past few days and this evening after a nap ive felt soooo crap. Feeling really sick and achy belly and cant get compfy image Sorry for tmi but i just been to the loo for a num 2 and it wasnt nice at all. Yet theyve been fine for months now. Could it be the growth spurt or just a dodgy tummy and to keep an eye on it?xx


  • Well ive just thrown up everywhere image
  • Think its the african curry i had at turtle bay today. Thought i would be fine as wasnt spicey but my mum reckons it was the sauce that hasnt settled with me. Been toilet twice now image hope babies ok
  • Oh dear deffo sounds like something disagreed with u. I had a really creamy chicken tikka with my first n it just sat on my stomach till I had to get out the car run into the shopping center n throw up in the bogs lol. Hope u feel better keep well hydrated coke n boiling water is good to replace what u lost. Baby will b fine x

  • Are you in Southampton? I have had a few friends go to turtle bay and get sick so my guess is its from the food x

  • Thanks

    Feeling a lot better today! Yesterday still felt like crap but wasn't throwing up. Ended up watching tv in bed at 5 yesterday and slept till 10:30 this morning which was well needed! Midwife said if I'm throwing up still then make an app with doctor other then that just to rest xx

    And no I'm from Nottingham! Was for my brothers bday. Never been before and deffo avoiding that place for a long time now xx
  • Glad to hear that your feeling better. I wanted to go there but I have heard so many bad reviews that I wouldn't risk it x

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