braxton hicks

Hi girls

 Have been having a lot of tightenings of late , wondering if they could be Braxton hicks so early , or is it baby moving around , don't seem to be connected to times of activity , also have had lots of round ligament pains mostly in the night , have found a warm bath helps if it occurs in the evening - not very practical in the early hours though , any suggestions on easing the pain as almost seem paralysing at times , thanks for any help ladies x x


  • hey braxton hicks can start at 20 weeks and as far as ive read you shouldnt have more than two in a hour that said some of what i get is baby moving some bh lol!! also i swere by my hot water bottle for pains (sat here as i type with it wedged down by hips).


  • That sounds like a plan , remember them a bit with #4 but not as frequently as this time ,how are you getting on , this is your 4th isn't it ? suppose the twinges get stronger the more we have ? was so strong last night thought was placenta coming away or something . wish I could stop worrying , will feel better after 20 week scan I think when we know everything is ok x x  

  • I second that I've lived with my hot water bottle constantly nearby for the last 3 weeks x

  • Lay down with hot water bottle earlier ( a teddy that goes in the microwave with beans in but has the same effect ) worked wonders , thanks girls ,can see me getting up in the small hours to put him back in as well as making myself a cup of tea at the same time x x

  • Hi yes it is my 4th and everything seems to happen earlier and more than other 3 lol! Im getting lots of pain across my pelvis with this one . My oh says it's because my body knows what it's doing yet I'm more inclined to think it's because nearly a decade has passed since my 1st baby lol
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