Baby movements

Anyone else get like what I can only describe as a popping sort of sensation, I think that thismis baby moving! Anyone else have this? X


  • Hi

    How many weeks are you? When i first started feeling movements it was little flutters. Like a tickling feeling and also a poking feeling. Now im 23 weeks and 3 days im getting kicks image x
  • I still get popping now n I'm having her tomoz! Like someone blowing bubbles inside u x

  • Good luck LH! You all prepared? My cousin had a c section and she said it was fine. Even went nandos the night before lol x
  • Yeah I'm all ready just doing my cleaning n washing today. I've brought steak for tea tonight. It's caitlin I'm worried about she's already been crying this morning cuz I won't b at home or doing the school run for a while. I've just brought her a Sofia the first outfit and a little pink android tablet as a gift from the baby so she doesn't feel left out x

  • Hogg good luck hun image xxx

  • Tut that was supposed to say 'ohhhhhhh' not Hogg lol xx

  • Cheers me dears x

  • And I'm 24 weeks and I haven't had flutters just this popping, if it is gas I'm worried lol xx

  • when i first felt movement from 16 to about 23 weeks it felt lik popping of popcorn in my belly or like lh said someone blowing bubbles in my belly now kicks come more often and are ost of the time more powerful but still the old popping one and im 27 weeks 

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