well, I've had 3 miscarriages in the past 15 months and have just found out im pregnant again, around 4 weeks. i have all this fear inside me that I'm going to miscarry again as i was told i haven't got much chance of carrying past the first trimester. i cant bring myself to tell my partner or mum as I'm so nervous for what's going to happen, i guess at the moment I'm trying to pretend to myself I'm not pregnant so i don't have to deal with all this right now, sounds silly I know but I really don't know what to do with myslef, im barely eating and when i do i cant keep the food down. feel like im going insane! what do i do?


  • you need lots of support especially after going through what you have! do the docs know why you keep miscarrying? it must be so distressing for you!

    I had a mmc last April and am feeling really worried my 7 week scan this Sat.

    I wish you all the luck in the world for a successful pregnancy. look after yourself and try not to worry!

    Take care hun xx

  • Hi, i feel the same as you. As had 6mc and am pregnant now for 7th time and all i am thinking about is misscarrying. it is such a horrible feeling, i also try and tell myself that i am not pregnant and also have not told a sole apart from my partner. I wish you all the luck. I am interested to know who told you that you have no chance of carrying past 1st trimester. that would make you feel even worse!! I hope they are doing test etc on you to find out the problem xx

  • hey, i have rare blood grouping so my body rejects my pregnancy wich is why its hard for me to carry past the 1st trimester but if i do i have a strong chance of a full normal(ish) pregnancy, ive finally told my partner and hes over the moon we have decided not to tell anyone else untill my 12 week scan, im currently 5 weeks pregnant now and so far so good, even the all day sickness is bearable lol. i have to see EPU from 6 weeks onwards so they can monitor me and the baby should hopefully have my first scan just after valentines day so im hoping we find a heartbeat. i wish you all the luck in your pregnancy and if you ever feel like speaking to anyone im always around image xx 

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