8wks...i think

hi ladies,

ive only just discovered that im pregnant and literally the only people that know are me, husband and now whoever reads this. im going to the doctor on Tuesday but im now having some cramps, back pain, feeling how I would when my period is just about to arrive although im having morning sickness all at the same time. I don't want to asks friends until I visit the doctor or tell my mum and dad. I just abit nervous as its my first and Im just afraid something bad will happen! can somebody put my mind at rest???


  • This is completely normal chick so try not to worry. Congrats! X

  • Congratulations and as stated above it is very normal!  I am 8 weeks on Saturday and I have odd cramping (as uterus is stretching), back ache, feeling sick and constantly hungry and very tired!!  Not complaining though as I know (or hope) it won't last forever haha x

  • congrates on the bfp! xx

  • thank you ladies, you've made me feel a lot better. just panicking abit with not knowing what to expect! don't feel like I should stalk the doctor now.lol.xx

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