Weight Gain?

Hi All,

As some of you will know, I am a WWs follower and am currently 12 weeks pregnant. I don't want to diet (obviously) whilst pregnant but I also dont want to "eat for two" and pile the weight on.

I was surprised to hop on the scales this morning and find I've only put 2.6lbs on in my first trimester. I am 5ft 0 tall and was 9 st 2 prior to pregnancy. I have gone up a trouser size though from a 10 to a 12?

Just wondered what everyones experiences are? I just seem to be craving chocolate and meat at the moment and seem to be constantly hungry?


  • My midwife told me never do the "eat for two" as its a lie and all you end up doing is putting on weight everywhere which will be harder to loose after having baby.

    Your supposed to up your callories by 300 more a day i think it was she said. My baby book also says to have six small meals through out the day but meaning like a salad or a bowl of fruit or crackers as well as your breakfast lunch and dinner. Its something like every two-three hours anyways.

    Ive not put on weight really anywhere other then my bump. Like you though i have gone up in trouser size. Im 24 weeks tomorrow and these next couple weeks are meant to be the growth spurt again so im expecting to get bigger image

    Just make sure you eat healthy but also theres no harm in having chocolate/ice-cream and any other snacks or the odd takeaway just dont go over the top image x
  • Just thought in a couple weeks youll be in second trimester and im in the final one :0 where has the time gone!
  • I'll be* was supposed to say image
  • Oh I know Haleigh. I cant believe how fast its gone so far! Hubby and I bought a carseat yesterday (maxi cosi priori xp) as hubby works at halfords and it was on offer (£75 rather than £150!) as its the one we have always said we would get and have also ordered the Hauck Viper Trio set too. Someone said to me arent you a bit early buying them but judging by the last 12 weeks the next 12 will fly as quickly!

  • Nooo you can buy baby things when ever image its down to you and your partner no one else. Soon as me and my boyfriend came out our 12 week scan we brought a few grows and then a couple week after we brought the pram and car seat. There the urbo ones and were on a good deal so couldnt turn them down and to be honiest im glad we got them early as just about got majority of everything now apart from the other big thing which is the cot bed nursery set from mammas and poppas and then where just about done so wont be rushing around last min as im starting to get tired more quickly now lol.

    Where going to our 4D scan on the 16th image cant wait x
  • Oh cool. We dont want anything like that, nor do we want to find out what we are having. 

    Im dying to buy some grows etc but we have just forked out like £300 on pram and car seat so it might have a wait a little while yet lol

  • With dd1 I gained 4 1/2 stone, I took the eating for 2 literally lol dd2 gained just over a stone and dd3 just under 1 stone. Im 10w5d and have lost 2lb so far due to nausea. 

    Is the car seat still on offer? Thats such a great deal x


  • ilovemygirls. No its not and Im not sure how hubby got it on offer at that rate although he does work where it was sold.

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