Early pregnancy scan

Hi, wondering if anyone can offer some advice. I found out that I am pregnant 2 days ago and the test showed 2-3 wks since conception. I was sent for an early scan today which showed a sac but no baby. I think that I am about 5 weeks pregnant is this normal or does it mean I have lost the baby? I had a blood test done today and have another booked Saturday. The consultant has booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks and advised me to try not to worry - I am terrified! Has anyone else experienced similar / can offer any advice? Thanks xx


  • Hi ya i experienced the same thing... I was only measuring 4-5 weeks when i went for my 1st scan (4th bubba lol) & they could only see the sac no baby went back Tuesday gone and at 6weeks see the baby image try not to worry as advised (i know easier said than done i was a wreck lol) but chances are bubba is way too small to see & when u go bk in 2weeks ul more than likely be able to see bubba image xx
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