When will baby move up!?

I'm 24 weeks pregnant today

have felt baby kick for past month now but even today she is still kicking rather low! It's only been the odd time where they've felt a bit higher. I can often feel her move from one side to the other though so I'm guessing theres still quite a bit of room for her.

When end will they start to feel higher though? Like belly button height and a bit above that? I'm going for my 4d scan when I'm 26 weeks and because she's still low I'm hoping she just won't be slumped down into a ball but the guy on the phone said best time is at 26 weeks. 


Any advice? X



  • She might b breech hun which isn't considered a problem till 36 weeks.  Whereabouts she kick u right down low or like bottom at the sides? 

  • Both really. Sometimes quite low and other times like yesterday they was at the sides and a bit higher.

    If she is breech will the 4d scans still look good you reckon? The guy mentioned something about if baby is breech on the phone but he was breaking up at that bit so couldnt hear what he said x
  • I just mentioned it to my mum and she reckons she will turn round in time and that i was the same when she was pregnant with me. Obviously i know all babies are different but i hope she does lol
  • My little one is low too and has been from the start I get a few kicks around my belly button but for the most part they are on my knicker line shame really as I can't get my other 3 to feel the kicks
  • Mine are mostly round the knicker line too , a few abit higher but not often , had scan yesterday n was punching n kicking like a good un , we could see them but I couldn't feel them all so when I do feel the odd nudge chances s/he has been going at it for longer than I know but don't feel them all , can't wait for dh n other 4 to be able to feel it too x x

  • How far along are you?

    I asked my midwife about this yesterday and she said they will get higher as baby gets bigger and less room. Awww no how annoying, my boyfriends felt the kicks. Ive seen seen her moving around a couple times as well when laying in bed x
  • And evemum i remember my 20 week scan. I was 19 weeks at the time and she was moving sooo much. Strange how you dont get to feel every movement! Are you wanting the sex to be a suprise?xx
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