advice please

hi im 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant just wondering if anyone else has had the same symptoms as me as down below doesnt happen every day i get itchy and it gets abit uncomfortable doesnt hurt when i pee though sorry if tmi i am peeing more and theres discharge xx


  • Im getting discharge quite often but not itchy. You could have a yeast infection or something? Have you spoken to your midwife?

    Also what material is your knickers? Ive opted in just boring cotton ones for now as all my others irratate me down there so could be that?x
  • I'd get checked out hun just incase, may just be the increase in discharge but least if it's thrush or something then it can be treated x

  • hi all just to let you know i went urgent care yesterday and have been given cream for thrush and amoxicillin for a water infection think im gonna get some boring cotton knickers and see if helps aswell as the cream and antibiotics seem to be working xx

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