4w 1d & Spotting

Hi, y'all! Have anyone experienced spotting during their first trimester? How long did it last & was it a successful pregnancy? I'm just terrified because I know ring I start bleeding it's never a good thing.. image


  • Hi

    Yes i spotted when i was 6 weeks. First spot was really red and then couple times after i wipes that it was a browny colour like old blood. I went A&E that morning as this is my first and all new to me so didnt know what to think.

    They scanned me the following day and baby was ok and seen i had a small hemeroge how ever its spelt lol like a inside bruise that had causes the spotting. Me and and partner had a bit of intercourse the night before as well so they said it could have irratated it.

    Im now 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant and all is ok image

    Whats the spotting like? Ring your midwife or if you have had a previous loss in the past i would go to the hospital x
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