dramatic wkend

so I found out last wk that I was pregnant (8 -9wks) and got extremely excited as it would be our first baby. I started getting some pains, like period pains and feeling how I would when my periods about to arrive. I called the doctor and she said not to worry but let her know if things progressed. I then started to notice abit of bleeding and called her back, now the bleeding is nowhere near what I would experience with periods but enough to be concerned. the bleeding got heavier and I called the doctor only to get a out of hours doc that was so unhelpful so I headed to the hospital where the nurses really made me feel like I was extremely stupid for going up and basically said I was more or less wasting their time and told me everything felt ok but id need to go back for a scan this wk as for some reason I couldn't get one when I was there yesterday. I am so scared I have lost this baby, because I think I have  but I don't know if im just thinking the worst? has anyone been through this? would be really grateful if I could get some advice! xx


  • Hi jilly

    Yes I've been through this!

    I was 6 weeks and we just moved house so was a bit hectic for us. I only cleaned the kitchen though and put my things away as partner did rest. I did end up lifting a heavy bag to put in the outside bin which after concerned me a little as i knew i shouldn't have. The following morning when i went to the toilet and wiped there was a spot of bright red blood, the next few wipes were like old blood.

    This is also my first and was panicking. Boyfriend said id be fine and worrying over nothing! My mum was on holiday so couldn't ring her either. I rung the NHS line and she was horrible!! I really wanted to complain after. All she said was I'm having a misscarrage and its better for it to happen now then further along i am! And to just wait it out.

    I didn't listen to her though and went A&E. I got seen to quite quick. Another terrible doctor though said o was having an ectopic pregnancy even without checking. They did an internal and seen womb was tight shut so no misscarrage. I had to come back to the hospital the following day for a early scan as Hospitals don't do scans at the weekend.

    When i went all was ok image baby was fine and I'm now 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant and shes kicking away. I also had pain through out my first trimester and was for ever worrying. But its just your ligaments stretching for baby.

    How much blood was there? Oh what caused mine was a small hermorage so like a small bruise inside me that caused the spotting and was told it would go on its own.

    Doctors are crap as well. Your best of asking to speak to the midwife as thats what i ended up doing before i even seen her xx
  • well I ended up putting a pad on to see and there was a good amount which is why I went to the hospital. the out of hours doc told me the same thing, sounds like a early miscarriage. they didn't do an internal or anything so ive just to wait until Thursday for a scan. its the waiting game I cant cope with. my doctor is going to phone me as they are usually good but I just cant help think the worst.

    Thanks for getting back to me Haleigh, you've made me feel better. just want to get to Thursday or even see my own doctor! image glad all is well with you.xx

  • Alot of women bleed in first trimester. My doctor said his wife did through out both pregnancies and both babies were born healthy.

    Are you bleeding today and in any pain? Yeah i know that waiting game. Even though my scan was the following morning it felt forever and was all i could think off. If you end up bleeding again but fingers crossed you dont they may end up moving the date closer.

    Wait to see what your doctor says image

    Also sex can sometimes cause spotting/bleeding in pregnancy. Take it easy these next few days.when i was working i told my boss and she made me sit there and hardly donany work lol xx
  • im lucky that ive a few easy days ahead of me with  work I can just sit in my office and do very little. bleeding a little bit and no pain today, I feel ok today apart the sickness of course but no pain which is good! everybody is different when it comes to pregnancy suppose but we haven't told anyone yet. its literally me and my husband who know and that's it. we wanted to wait until this wkend as my husbands parents come home from holiday on wednesday and wanted to tell them at the same time! so its been really hard avoiding my parents atm! all I can do is hope I can get to Thursday without going crazy!xx

  • Hi Jilly,

    I am experiencing the same thing at the min. I am 8 weeks 2 days and i started spotting on Friday about 12.30 and felt quite ill. The spotting continued in and off all that day and I was also sick 3 times. The spotting continued on and off all day saturday until 4pm. I then had nothing all day Sunday until 10pm. I woke today and there it was again. Its not at all heavy but I have cramping on and off. I have also miscarried before.

    I went to a&e today and the dr was rubbish.....he mumbled, never looked me in the eye and said things like there were no bed, i should ring my gp, i should try a less busy hospital amd that he would have to try and convince them to scan me!! He felt my tummy and took my blood pressure and said nothing about either. He then sent me out of room while he rang epu.

    Luckily he got me in for a scan tomoz at 3pm! I shall keep u posted but FX xx
  • Hi ladies, I had a little bleeding in my first trimester and i know a couple of other people who did too. I was told it usually happens around the time your period would be due so it would be around 8 weeks or 12 weeks along. Anyways, I freaked out and convinced myself that I had lost the baby as i had cramps too. It all turned out ok, I'm now 32 weeks pregnant. I would try and relax and really take it easy - put your feet up!

    As for waiting until Thursday, that's outrageous! I was seen straight away about it. I would def push for an earlier scan. Its totally unfair to make you wait that long and you need to know if everything is ok so you can relax and it will hopefully stop anything further happening.

    Oh and my friend who had bleeding is due to have her baby in 2 weeks so seriously there is not always a horrible ending to these stories. I think unfortunately a lot of women who talk about this type of thing on websites have had bad experiences.

    Best of luck, try and relax and i'm sure all will be fine xx

  • AngWass2. your lucky you got a scan so quick, although my doctor called me today and was lovely, tried her best to reassure me and said she will phone the EPU and get me an earlier appointment. and how are u feeling now? has your bleeding stopped?xx

    JoJo25 I know when I asked could I not get a earlier appointment because we were anxious the nurse looked at me like id asked could I give birth to a bloody giraffe!! its just easier to think of the negative when these happens! you've really put my mind at rest thank you.xx

  • Hi Jilly,

    Its been on and off again today but also got light cramping! I also dont like to kid myself thinking it will be ok, like to prepare myself for bad news then anything different is a bonus image

    Hi Jojo, u read pften just how regular spotting in first trimester happens! I think I am more worried because of previous miscarriage image my feet are up and i havent been to work today and wont be going tomorrow. I am resting till after my scan image x
  • my doctors managed to get me in for a scan on Wednesday morning first thing so at least its abit sooner. my bleedings completely stopped now so hopefully that's it stopped for good. you'll have to let me know how u get on at you scan tomorrow AngWass25.xx

  • Hi Jilly,

    Just wanted to let you know that I had my scan today and baby is fine and measuring exactly as it should be image I saw the heart beating away and it was tucked very nicely away on my left side, quite low down!  Hope your scan goes well tomorrow....please let us know.  She had a good look around and couldn't find any reason why the bleeding might be happening but just said it is quite normal in early pregnancies to have some bleeding.


    I have been a little stressed with work since Thursday so maybe that is the reason why I started spotting on Friday.  I now feel relaxed and have had no spotting since first thing this morning image xx

  • Hi AngWass2 so glad everything went well so happy for u!

    my scan went good, everything is fine baby is growing well and seen the heartbeating too! magical feeling, im the same no reason for the bleeding but she just said to take it easy over the next few wks and to go back again in a few for another scan! feel like I can breathe a huge sigh of relief now! so going to tell our parents and brothers/sisters tonight now we've got good news! so pleased evrythings ok and going along as it should be!xx

  • Ah that is brill news Jilly....glad everything is going well for you too!  I am still having bleeding on and off and although I know everything is good it still makes you panic and it's not normal.  Are you still having any?


    I do feel a million times better though after seeing the little heartbeat image x

  • no my bleeding stop yesterday and haven't had any since but at least I know if it comes back not to worry, well as much as I did!!! whats your due date then? they told me around the 9th-ish of September! I know seeing a little flicker on the screen is definetly reassuring! although I feel completely awful today! banging sore head and just feeling completely rotten!!xx

  • My due date is the 13th sept. When do you have your dating scan? Mine is the 25th feb and I will be 11+3 then x
  • 21st of feb 4days after my birthday so it'll be a nice late present to see the little one and i'll be 12+3! lol wow we are close together! I cant wait til that scan, just to see the difference in size and everything!xx

  • So pleased all was well with your scans ladies , very reassuring to see the heartbeat isn't it , I've read that the risk of mc goes down dramatically after seeing the heartbeat , had our 20 week scan yesterday , n even now I worry n check the toilet tissue nearly every time , hope you're managing to take it easy , lots of baby dust being sent your way x x

  • thank you evemum24! it just amazing seeing that little heartbeat, it just takes all the anxiety away just to know all is well in there! image hope your taking it easy too!! image xxx 

  • Ahh so happy for you both image

    And evemum i no what u mean about the tissue thing! Im 24 weeks and 5 days and check everytime. Even in middle of night but my blood groups negative so i have to caus if i see any spotting i need the anti d injection. Can be a pain!xx
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