implantation Bleeding started off light then got heavier

Hi everyone, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years from now.

to start off I had my period dec cycles are pretty regular...about 30 days.  I started spotting on feb 1st,early morning.  It was very dark red in colour  when wiped, and dark red/brown when on the pantyliner...this continued for 2 days...on the 3rd day morning it got heavier and now I'm wearing a tampon. what is it mean? either implantation bleeding or my period. i'm confused.........................

     please any one help me.....................


  • Hi

    Sounds like a period to me hun. Take a test though after bleeding stops if its on your mind
  • thanks for your valuable reply......................... but i want to get pregnant


  • Definitely sounds like a period. Implantation shouldn't be heavy. I had it and it was a tiny spot that happened once. If its goes on for a few days then it sounds like a period. Best of luck though, hope you get your BFP soon x

  • Implantation has been heavy for women before! No worries. I'm going through the same thing. It's six days before my period and I had light spotting to medium heaviness bleeding with a few clots. Never had my period come a week early, and we used ovulation strips this month so we'll see!!
  • Good luck Aubrey x
  • I also felt nauseated after breakfast this morning...I hope I'm not psyching myself out; I don't think I am. The bleeding doesn't feel as heavy but it's still there. Last night, there was hardly anything. But when I got up, there was some more activity. The spotting started on Tuesday with light cramps, first with a little pink then brown stuff, thenTuesday night, some brighter red. Wednesday was heavier, and Thursday medium. Today is light, but not just spotting. Kind of seems like an early period, but I don't get cramps this light and my period lasts longer and is heavier.

  • I liked this video for all my questions about implantation bleeding.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Like many of you even I have doubts regarding my bleeding and hope I can get some advise. I have a 21 to 23 day cycle. Flow is usually heavy for 3 days then lighter for another 2 or 4 days. I'm ttc and my last AF was on mar 3 rd , my next was supposed to be between 23rd or 25 th of mar , but 22nd onwards I felt too sleepy, dizzy, gassy, mild cramps on lower abdomen, nausea, food aversions, head ache, tiredness, constipation,breasts started to feel fuller with more prominently visible veins. I usually have a trouble less carefree AF. I took a HPT ,it turned negative. On 24th and 25th I noticed very little red blood stain with discharge on toilet tissue. 26 th there was a little bleeding on the pad then on 27th I noticed pink tissue like thing floating when I peed. 28th morning mild blood clots ,but I was scared after I noticed in the afternoon a lump of blood ( clots) with a bead sized structure when I peed. The back pain has increased with stomach ache. I feel week, and dizzy. I also noticed a different smell.( not my regular AF kind). 30th I see bleeding has reduced , almost nothing except when I wipe I see pale pink soaked toilet tissue. there is no constipation. I have scheduled for a doctor appointment in the coming week.

    Please, It would be much help if some one can help me out in this, so that I can calm down a little bit.

  • Hi every1,


    I am very confused and need your help.


    I had a light pink spotting before 3 days, then next day it was just a red colour spotting, i thought i have had my periods, but then for next 2 days there was nothing at all.. Then again today i started bleeding which is like my periods. I am very confused as this is very unusual for me. Me and my husband are ttc and so i need to know that is this implantation bleeding ? Also today, i did pregnancy test, and it was negative, but i read somewhere that you need to do test after the bleeding stops. M really worried and confused. Please advice what should i do. 

    Please suggest.

  • hi everyone

    I am in super scare as my lst period was april 8 i should have seen my period may 6 but it didnt show. Did about 3PT they came back negative.  On day 7 of being late i went to the bathrm to see me spotting (well so i assume). I observed it throughout the day and it was very light. Over the night it became a little heavier into the morn but nothing near the flow of my regular period.   Im worried and confused, i have been feeling cramps on and off since before my period was due up until this point. Is this implantation bleeding? I am on no form of contraceptive and my husband and i are trying to concieve.

  • Hi,


    Need help here.

    We have been trying for a baby from past 4 months. This cycle I was given a trigger on 12 June 2014 and asked to make contact for coming 4 days which we did. Post the same I was prescribed with HUCOG 5000 injection every 5 days (3 times). After this started the most LOOOOONG wait to check whether I was pregnant. I missed my periods and did a HPT after 2 days of missing the same. The test came as weakly positive as there was a faint line visible. Doc told to repeat the test after 5 days and put me on medication for stable levels of progestorene.

    After 5 days we checked again and still a faint line post which we did a blood test and the HCG levels were as low as 10. Doc said it was next to a negative and I will get my periods anytime. In case I dont get my periods I was to wait for another two weeks and do the test again.

    That same night I got very light spotting light brown in color when wiped with a tissue and nothin on the the underwear. Next morning also I had very slight bleeding but later in the day it got heavier but not as heavy as my periods. The next day there was hardly any bleeding. I did not need to wear a pad. Now I'm confused. Is it possible to have implantation bleeding so late? If not, then what are the reasons for such less bleeding for the periods after a delay of 10 days.


    Please help. The wait and the questions running in my mind have been a mental torture.

  • Hi, im 17 and my boyfriend is 22. We've been trying to have a baby. I've never missed a period and the last time i had a period was June 24, 2014. And i missed 2 July and August peiods. And starting Sept. 14, 2014 i was bleedjng light but as it went on it got heavy with clots. Ive been using a pad for the 3-4 day now. The last time we have sex (Unprotected) was on the 7th of Sept. I started bleeding a week after (the 14th). And its not normally the right week for my Expected period either...What do you think it could be...?? Or what i should do.
  • I am having the same problem I have never been late for my period before, my breast have been really heavy and tender, I have been really tired, nauseous, but then I started bleeding light at first now it's kinda heavy (Not sure my periods aren't usually heavy) and I have had a little clotting I'm not sure if I got my period or am having implantation bleeding 

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