Hi, I am 35 and 11 weeks pregnant, I am hoping someone can reassure me!  I have had 5 previous miscarriages and a baby who was born prem and passed away due to complications.

I have already had problems with this pregnancy with bleeding which was caused by a heamorhage.  I am really stressed out and worried so I am forever checking for bleeding and constantly worried that something will go wrong.  This pregnancy is different from all the others in that I have morning sickness and breast pain which is good (never had this with others) but I also have a lot of pain which is pretty uncomfortable.. it is in my lower abdomen I dont know if this is normal as I have never experienced this kind of pain with the other pregnancies?  My midwife said its stretching pains.  Can stretching pains be so uncomfortable? sometimes I literally feel like the baby will drop out and i have to sit down.


  • I'm sorry you've had such bad luck previously! Have you got your 12 week scan soon? Good luck xx

  • Hi Carioke, thank you for your reply. My 12 week scan is next week, I am really excited but also very nervous I am literally counting down the hours!.

    Its the pain that is worrying me I dont know if it is 'normal'?.

  • Everyone's different I suppose! Easy to say but try not to worry and think positively. I had a mmc last April, now 7 weeks pregnant and trying to think positive thoughts xx

  • Hi Sammy , I have the pains you are describing , awful aren't they , sure it is stretching though , if you can lie down on the opposite side of the pain I find that helps , 21 weeks tomorrow n still worry most days , hope you feel better soon , try not to worry , easier I know x x

  • Hi,

           Sorry about your situation. I'm also stuk in terrible situation. I'm 6 weeks pregnant with continuous bleeding and 169 hcg level which rise but very slow for example my 1st hcg was 151 and 2nd one is 169 so can any one knw about this what going on with me my next blood test is tomorrow plz help me and remember me in your prayethi don't want to lose my baby and this is my 1st pregnancy after 3 years try image

  • good luck Muskan! I hope everything's ok hun xx

    how are you Sammy? xx

  • Hi, Sorry for the late reply.. I am doing o.k thank you so far so good.. I am 14 weeks now and had my 12 week scan a few weeks ago which was amazing!!!.  I still get the pains I mentioned previously, I get them when i have been on my feet for longer than 30 minutes... I try to rest and this helps but the pain can get pretty bad and it scares me it also limits what I can do so any shopping trips e.t.c are pretty short.

  • Hi I'm really happy for you my pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy and that finished by doc. They gave me the injection bcz I cann't continue the pregnancy image lot of luv n hugs for u and ur baby image

  • Hi Muskan, I am really sorry to hear this, I have lost many babies in the past and I know how hard it can be  xxx Please don't lose hope.  Lots of love x

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