Pains in stomach

Im now 13+5 and have noticed when I am sat down on the couch at home or sat slouched my tummy hurts a little when I get up. I have started with a bit of a bump now. Could this be why?


  • It will be ligaments stretching. Now your entering second trimester you get this. I had one this morning. Its really common. To help with it when standing up and sitting down try and do it slow. I often get it when i sneeze as well so you may get it with this also or when you cough x
  • Yes! Sneezing or coughing its like a sharp pain. Oh I cant believe how fast the time has flown by!

  • Hot water bottle used to work wonders for me x

  • i get this too, i get up very slowly from sofa. x
  • Is a hot water bottle ok to use then? I wasnt sure x
  • Yeah just not for long periods on your tummy. I used to sit with one on my back or between my legs for hours but only for a bit at a time on my bump x

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