terrible gas!!

Oh my gosh! It's unbelievable how much gas I've has in the past several days.
I'm only 5 weeks 3 days but it's so bad my husband sleeps in one blanket while I make a cocoon with another at night.

I'm not overeating or eating things that create gas and I know it's due to hormones and food taking longer to digest creating a smell but anyone have any secrets to reducing the smell/amount of gas?!

I almost never have smelly gas (no really I don't). This is so embarrassing!! 



  • Pmsl that made me laugh! I was the same Hun just one of them things I'm afraid image feel ur pain tho I'm suffering with terrible wind as a result of my recent c-section x

  • Ahhh my gas is terrible as well and I'm 25 weeks pregnant. It just comes out sometimes as well with out me knowing it's going too. Happens when I'm in tesco and in bed :/ lol Once my boyfriend had his head under the cover a sleep and the smell of mine actually woke him up and he turned over haha. 

    i don't think there's anything you can do to reduce the smell but you could try going to the toilet more to see if you can empty your bowels.  it might reduce a bit of the gas. 

    Other then that I'm afraid it's gone be one of them things through out pregnancy!x

  • I had a chuckle because Im the opposite - since becoming pregnant my movements and my wind have reduced vastly, however, DH's seem to have increased! Sympathy farts?

  • Lol I'm only four and a half weeks and have the same problem. image x
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