Constantly feeling nauseous 34 weeka

34 weeks pregnant and For the last few days I've been feeling like I need to be sick. Nothing settles it, I've tried drinking, sleeping, eating. Nothing is making it go. I keep getting hot flushes too. And my lower back is in agony. It's continuously cramping up like period back cramps. Keep getting loads of Braxton hicks and period like pains. Just feel like I have no energy at all. I've been losing my plug over the last few days too. But the midwife said not to worry about the plug only of my waters go. Does anyone know what could be going on? It's just so stressful


  • Hi winfield94


    hw u feeling, I'm currently 15wk with my 3rd, but with my first i had all the things u mentioned above at about 33+4 after about 5days I went to hospital as the back pain and bh were gettin worst and they said all was ok so went home after 2 days and went into labor at 35 week ( my waters didnt even go) and delivered at home! Not by choice lol. Every body is different tho Hun I'd just keep note of if you feel your back getting worse or more painful bh. and if they do defo go get checked out just in case,  it could just be your body preparing for labour I had really bad sickness and loose Bowle with my 2nd from weeks 36-38 then went into labour so like I said we are all different,


    good luck xx 

  • Hello thank you for replying image.

    I've got an appointment with the midwife tomorrow.

    They're so useless around here. When I rung and said all I said by there she was like yeah it's nothing. If your waters break then contact us again. It's ridiculous.

    So hopefully they'll shed some light.

    Just can't stop crying with the aches pains, lack of sleep from the pain image just need sleep image

    Hope you're doing well image xx
  • I can see what you mean  they don't really care round here eitha! 


    Is this ur first, hopefully midwifes tomo might help.

    av t let mi no wht thy say.


    awwww no r the pains tht bad must b to make u cry Hun, ave u tried warm bath tht helped a little with me, have u taken any paracetamol? 

    I really hope u can get some answers Hun.xx

  • Yes it is my first image

    They didn't shed much light, just said that his head is 2/5 engaged. Apparently that means it's almost fully engaged.

    They told me I won't go into natural birth this early as it's "impossible"

    Like I said, they're useless. So I'll just have to wait and see I guess image

    I've tried baths, they ease it when I'm in there but as soon as I get out it kills again image xxx
  • Hi

    I would stick to yor guns.

    If you et to the point where you feel something is wrong or you don't feel right I would ring he maternity day unit and go in. When you are worried they are often very good.

    Like you say though it does sound like the prelude to labour so who knows ?! I certainly felt all of the able I the early stages.

    Make sure you rest when you can and take paracetamol and have wheat bags. Anything to get more comfy.

    Good luck xx
  • Yes, well at the moment babies head is only 1/5 above my pelvis. So he's almost engaged.

    The maternity wards around here are so awful. When I fell down the stairs I was sent into check baby was okay. And they were so arsey about being sent in.

    They're truly awful xx
  • Hi winfield94


    how you feeling have the pains eased of? Hope you ok x

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