Keep calm when having a small bleed

Just need somewhere to wooo saaaa as I've had some blood today when wiping sorry tmi,not loads but still never helps to keep you calm does it,I am about 10 weeks and at work the now trying to keep positive! 


  • Hi

    Not all bleeding means bad things. Are you still bleeding now and is it clotty or you have any pains?x
  • Hi,I've been to out of hours and found out I've got a urine infection,and that they think my bleeding is associated with my lack of bowel movement,didn't think I needed a scan  as the bleeding had stopped and happy for me to see the midwife on  Wednesday.


    that is the 2nd time I've had the bleeding after a 'movement' so fingers crossed  it's definatly what it is. 

  • I had a bit of spotting at 6 weeks. Turned out i had a small hernia/bruise on the inside which was causing it when irratated.

    Often when i go to the toilet for a number two i tend to spot as well but its coming from a small cut i have on the outside near it. Pregnancy can be scary!

    Glad all is ok though x
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