Pulled Muscle and 14 weeks pregnant

Hello, I need help! I was having terrible nightmares last night and woke up at 4am in excruciating  pain screaming and crying for my husband to help. The poor guy was startled awake.  I either was so scared of my nightmare or I was sleeping in a weird position, because I totally pulled a muscle in the back of my neck on the left side.  I had my husband rub it in long downward strokes to straighten the muscle, used ice, later used a heating pad, rubbed it some more- nothing is helping.  I can't shower by myself, I can't get dressed or go to the bathroom by myself.  Multiple times now, I have lifted my right arm and the pain on the back of my neck went all the way down my back, causing me to scream in pain.  Then, I start hyperventilating which made the muscle spasms worse! It's almost 1pm here in California and i've had enough! Please, does anyone have any other advise for me? I don't want to call in to work tomorrow, because I have so much to do, so I want to try to resolve the worst part of this the best I can between now and when I wake up tomorrow. On top of this, I'm 14w2d pregnant, and I worry about stressing out the baby with my sudden jerk movements, tightening muscles and hyperventilating when I cry. Any suggestions will help...please!!!


  • Hi

    Just try not to stress as baby will know. All you can do is rest and carry on using ice or heat pads which ever one you found to help more. Lay on the other side of the pain. Also i would make an appointment with your doctor x
  • Paracetamol and a hot bath and plenty of rest x

  • I read that due to the increase of progesterone (I think?) that you are more likely to pull/snag muscles or ligaments during pregnancy and must say I've noticed this myself (I'm 14+1) having snagged my calf muscle. They just recommend trying to take things easy/slower so as to try and avoid this happening.

  • Yeah I sneezed and pulled my tummy muscles, it's a nightmare x

  • Wow! Thank you ladies.  As today is my third day of dealing with this, I am starting to feel better. Although, I walked around my office today totally crooked! Since I pulled my neck and back muscle on the back left side, my head leans to the right. My right shoulder is up by my ear and my left shoulder is WAYYY down.  Everyone that saw me asked what was wrong with me. Ha! I was finally able to laugh about it because I was feeling a lot better today compared to yesterday.  Now that i'm at home, I've been using a heating pad, and I appreciate all your comments. image 

  • I find when I sneeze/cough/pass wind/go to the loo my tummy muscles hurt at the mo but I think its all part of it. We just have to be a little more gentle in moving about and whatnot.

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