Faint positive pregnancy test but period arrived

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me? I took around 6-7 pregnancy tests a few days before I was due on which all came back very very faint however I then came on my period the day I was due on I'm just wondering if I could actually be pregnant otherwise why would I have all the tests with faint lines?xx


  • Hi Gia G, i have just been through the same thing, all my tests were positive i was testing with first response and discover one step, i was very cautious about it but i went to go get a blood test and it came negative then i started my "period" which is abnormal for that month, so the doctor gave me another slip to make sure (which is a real downer if im not as we have been trying) as im due to get the chicken pox vaccine and i cant if i turn out positive, my advice would be to go and get a blood test that way you will no for sure, also what has your period been like is it normal? or has it been different? and what tests did you use?

  • It sounds like you possibly had a 'chemical pregnancy'... You conceived (& therefore began to produce hcg) but the fertilized egg didnt implant once it reached your uterus so you had a period as normal. Sadly this would mean that theres no baby this month... But good news is it shows you can conceive (if this is what had happened). You could discuss with your doctor & ask for the hcg blood test to be sure.., although my docs wont test until you are 14 days late with no bleeding.

    Good luck Gia!

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