That dreaded feeling....

Sat with the hubby last night watching tv and I had this awful feeling of "Oh my god. We're going to be parents. We won't be able to sit and watch tv like this soon. It's all going to change. I don't know if I'll be able to cope. What if I get it all wrong." etc etc.

I know its probably just silly worry but I'm terrified. I said to my hubby I was scared I'm going to be a rubbish Mum and he said "Well, we'll muddle along together"



  • Aww your be fine! Your going to love having cuddles with your baby more than watching tv that's for sure ????????
  • Dunno why it came out as ???? I put a few smily faces in lol
  • Ive had this exact same feeling!

    26 weeks this Friday and cant believe how closer its getting. My boyfriends also said he's excited but nervous at the same time as he's worried he will get it wrong but when you think about it how can you get it wrong? All that baby needs is love and affection.

    Im sure the first few weeks you wont be bothered about tv lol as you'll have so much to do unless your going to be blessed with a baby that sleeps loads! And plus when baby is a sleep you will need sleep.

    Ive said though when mine is in a routine her grandparents can have her for a few hours or sometimes the odd night to give me and boyfriend a rest. I think for first time parents its going to be extra scary for us as where new to it all. Ive never and neither has my partner even changed a nappy! so theres a lot to learn but I'm sure we will be great parents image

    Im happy I'm having her in May as well before summer as there will be plenty of nice walks with her and pub gardens to go too image so me and boyfriend can still do nice things together image

    Im sure you both will be fine and you will have friends family and even us on this website to support you if you ever need a chat image. Xx
  • Its our first baby too and we havent changed nappies or anything before. Its more a case of our do what we want life will have changed. 

    I think also, I can feel flutters etc in my tummy from the baby which Ive felt for a while and yesterday I was convinced I could feel it on my hand when I held my hand there. I said to hubby to have a feel and he kinda wrinkled his nose and said no. Which I can understand cos it is wierd but it also threw me a little.

  • Yeah i understand where your coming from image

    I bet they are flutters from the baby as i started to get them when i was as far as you. Often they felt like a tickle on the inside. Now im getting constant kicks and can even see her moving around now image i love it x
  • It is defo the baby as I asked the lady at the scan when the baby was moving and I could feel it. I think at the moment, perhaps its not as real to him as me and I understand that. He's very protective of me moreso now than before and wont let me lift stuff etc and when I went to the Drs about my headaches I was getting text me asking how I had got on which he normally wouldnt do.

    I said to him when he has been taking bump pictures for me that itll only ever be the once so not to moan image I also said last night when the kicks are bigger that I want him to feel them, even if he finds it wierd, because I want him to experience it too as we only want one baby and I want him to share what I am experiencing. He didnt object when I said this and it perhaps didnt help he said he had a headache last night too

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