need advice & reasurance - 5 weeks

so I am 5w2d, have had one blood test - level was low at 69 (going for another in 4 days to see if it is rising). Doctor seemed concerned that this might not "stick" warned me I might get period in a few days.

I've had clear-to-creamy discharge for past week or so but last night noticed it had a brown tinge to it - continued today, but there isn't a lot of it and isn't all the time.

Is this a sign of early miscarriage? No cramping and colour isn't changing. I took a hpt this morning that I had and it came back positive and stronger looking line than any of the others I have taken up to now - soo confused!anyone gone through this and continued with healthy pregnancy?


  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I really hope things work out.

    honestly... I think you need to prepare yourself for both possibilities.., the brownish tinge could be the sign of starting to miscarry... BUT... It could also be implantation bleeding. 

    is it possible that you're not as far along as you think? That could explain the low HCG... Or it could be that this little bean just isnt strong enough to hold on.

    if your levels rise at your next blood test then thats a really good sign so I'll be thinking of you & hoping for a good outcome. 

    keep us posted x

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